How many times have you ever heard the phrase “Download our App to stay up to date…”? So many times, and if you notice, it happens more and more often!

The market of the Mobile App is also growing because they offer a better user experience and greater content availability. But let’s see what are the advantages that a company in owning their own App :

1.      Enhances Visibility:

The company gets more visibility through the publication in the App Store (iOS and Google) and sharing information on social forums. Hence, having an app means good publicity for a company.

2.      Increases the value of the Brand:

Having your application is indicative of a dynamic company, always attentive to the evolution of technology and keeping up with the times. These are the values that greatly increase the authority of the Corporate Brand.

3.      Improves Customer Interaction:

The App offers the customer the opportunity to interact in real time leafing through catalogs, images, articles, consulting and sharing content

4.      Extended media coverage:

75% of the planet is not yet connected to the Internet, hence with the mobile world you can reach the users with poor Internet connectivity, and seize every possible opportunity for your business.

5.       Easy to share their content with those of mobile users:

The App gives you the ability to send communications and promotions to the customer; since the application allows much creativity, you can create special Apps to communicate directly with customers without having to resort to other means such as mailing lists, phone messages and so on.

6.      Improved Connectivity:

The company will always be accessible by users through the maps, Geolocate venues, and events.

7.      Ability to differentiate themselves from competitors:

The App gives the company an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competitors. Certainly, at the present time your competitors will not be using apps, so, be the first to publicize your app as it increases your value to potential customers.

8.      Have Control and know your users’ perspective:

You’ll always have the traffic of your app under control and you can learn about the opinions of users and the number of downloads made.

With these advantages, having an application for your company shows that your company is responsive, always ready to develop new ideas in the future market optics. The company’s App then is a necessary tool for any business and that has a low investment with a maximum yield. We at Clustox develop apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Visit our portfolio and check out the numerous examples of apps that we have achieved.