There are a bundle of concepts lingering in the mobile application development and you must have heard of these especially the “Behavior Driven Development” and “Test Driven Development” but do you know what “Support Driven Development” really is? Let’s first have a look at the definition of “Support Driven Development” given by the founder of this concept – Kevin Hale

“Injecting humility, accountability, and responsibility into the development process by making sure the creators are also the supporters. If I’m going to build this, how does it affect me later when I have to support the user?” – Kevin Hale

Well, this is a bit tricky right? In a simple notion, you can say that Support Driven Development is the process that helps you develop a product aligned with customer’s needs as you modify your project at every phase as per the suggestions and demands of the users. To get the clearer picture, have a look at some of the benefits that Support Driven Development brings to your project/product.

Benefits of Support Driven Development:

The benefits of Support Driven Development are many and to name a few, here is a short list:

Accelerates Product Knowledge:

Nothing can throw light on the strengths and weaknesses of your product better than a customer/user. As they are the people who use the product and analyze it keeping in view

Helps improve the Product:

The collaboration between the maker and the user of the product makes it perfect. This is what Support Driven Development offers i.e. the collaboration.

Makes the developer more active and involved in the product

It is a normal human behavior that when a person has to support his own work, he tries to give it the best shot and as soon as they know they are lacking somewhere, they find the way around to fix the issues coming up. These two factors together make the develop more active and involved in the product.

Improvise Support Mechanism

Developers with the technical knowledge bring new ideas to automate support mechanism to the best possible level. This enhances the quality of support provided to customers and improve the ways of Support as well.

Brings happy Customers

With a constantly improving product, great attention, and quality Support, the Support Driven Development brings happy customer.

Knowing all these benefits, we offer Support Driven Development in addition to the Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development. So, if you have any project in hand knock at us and we will accompany you to take your project from inception to completion.