Are you brand conscious too? The answer to this question normally comes with mumbles, such as ahh, Umm, ehh, etc. but is always in positive. Let’s just admit this fact that we all live is a brand saturated world where everyone wishes to use stuff that belongs to a well-recognized brand. Be it a fashion, cosmetic or service, the brand gives us the confidence of best quality and investment security.


Now, if I ask you the same question again. Are you brand conscious too? What will you reply? If the answer is in positive here too, why not challenge your band knowledge? For every brand, there exists a unique sign for it which is called its logo. If you too are brand conscious, guess the maximum number of logos given in the Guess the Logo game. The app not only challenges those who think that their knowledge about the brands is sufficient but also enables them to know the identity of the brand hey use.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the app store and download this free trivia game now on your phone. Play well and do share your scores with us along with your experience. We are waiting for you to come back to us.

Sarah Wilson

About Sarah Wilson

Sarah is a tech analyst who loves exploring the rising trends in mobile and web development. Being a tech-geek she understands the basic nature of development frameworks hence through her writings she highlights the technologies that help businesses grow better.