10 Amazing Apps Built with Flutter Framework

10 Amazing Apps Built with Flutter Framework

10 Amazing Apps Built With Flutter Framework

In 2015, Google released this open-source framework (named “Sky” at the time). Flutter is a cross-platform solution, which means you can create apps that run on different platforms using a single codebase. Flutter is also the key foundation for Fuchsia, a new Google operating system that is planned to eventually replace Android. Flutter is gaining traction among developers, as are other cross-platform alternatives. Why is that? Because it’s a simple SDK (software development kit) that allows you to easily construct and operate an app for Android and iOS. It is also reinforced on a regular basis. Additional flutter apps will benefit from native developer aid; however, those who focus entirely on establishing one platform will not require additional assistance. Let’s talk in detail further below.

Meet Flutter – The Beauty

The most important thing to know about Flutter is that it’s a Google-developed developer-friendly cross-platform app development framework. With Flutter, you can create a flutter app once and cross-compile it for many platforms. Because of the excellent documentation, developers are eager to utilize Flutter. The following are some of the extra advantages of the Flutter framework:

  • Being able to see changes before they are made.
  • Applications with a high rate of performance delivery.
  • Working with designs that use fewer resources.

Flutter is Google’s offering to developers for open-source, cross-platform app development that is simple and rapid. You can code once and compile for various platforms with Flutter. It’s one of the main reasons why developers are so enthusiastic about Flutter.

Google Ads

Flutter assisted in the building of numerous current apps, including Google Ads, Xianyu by Alibaba, and Hamilton, as a feature-rich and unique SDK. The advantages of Flutter will help any app expand faster. Developers who haven’t yet tried Flutter are constantly blown away by what others have accomplished with it and how Flutter can help everyone simplify and streamline the mobile app development process. Anyone who wants to manage their ad campaigns on the move should use Google Ads. It may assist you in creating marketing campaigns for your company, allowing you to better sell your services and expand your consumer base without the headache. It has a beautiful design and provides users with a wealth of information at their fingertips. With Google Ads, you can see impressions, clicks, and conversions from your ad campaigns, control your campaign bids, get real-time alerts and information, and get direct help from Google.


The developers may utilize the Flutter framework to create a social media website. It’s a popular content-sharing website where users may customize their pages by adding photographs, blogs, essays, polls, and contest entries. Users may share their creations with the wider public using the application. Only content from other KlasterMeers is used in the KlasterMe interface, which simplifies the publishing procedure and creates an appealing design. KlasterMe is still a work in progress for the time being. KlasterMe has been dubbed the “first Flutter-based social networking platform.” It’s a new content-sharing platform that allows users to build their own page and post photographs, blogs, articles, polls, contests, and more. The platform allows users to share their works with the rest of the globe. KlasterMe is a simple and beautiful design that focuses on the information that its members provide. KlasterMe is still a work-in-progress project, but consumers may anticipate it to be finished by 2020.


Reflectly is an artificial intelligence-powered personal journaling software that blends cognitive-behavioral therapy, meditation, and positive psychology to help users cope with daily stress, resolve negative thoughts, and stay happy. It allows you to express your feelings while still looking after your mental health. This Flutter app gives you precise information about how your days are going as well as important advice from prominent self-help specialists to help you cope with any mental health difficulties. Reflectly is a fun new twist on notebook software that allows you to keep track of your everyday thoughts in one spot. Reflectly aims to provide you with a snapshot of your recent days and how you’ve progressed over time. Reflectly was originally created with React Native, but when they found they could write once for Android and iOS, they switched to Flutter, which cut the build delivery time in half and solved the issues that React Native had. Reflectly’s first Flutter build took a long time to complete, but it was well worth the wait and really aided them in dealing with their rapidly growing user base.


Instagram is on track to overtake Facebook as the most popular social media platform. That isn’t an exaggeration; it’s just how things are. Facebook is viewed as a tool that your old uncle uses to look through your high school graduation pictures. And, with so many new businesses turning to Instagram, having professional-looking Instagram pictures is a must. This is when PostMuse comes into play. Multiple Instagram photographs may be viewed, edited, and designed on Instagram. If you can’t agree on anything, PostMuse will defend you. This flutter-based program also assists in recommending the finest image, ensuring that your social media marketing appears genuine.


This is the official app for Hamilton, one of the most well-known and award-winning Broadway musicals, which was developed using the Flutter framework. It was made specifically for the band’s large fan base to keep them up to date on all music news. The Hamilton app has a karaoke option for people who wish to sing along to their favorite songs, as well as a regular quiz game, access to a range of Hamilton lottery games, and unique movies and slideshows. The user interface is excellent on both platforms. Hamilton is the official app for the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, which has everything relevant to the performance. The app has all the most recent news about Hamilton, as well as videos, tidbits of information, daily quizzes, amusing stickers for conversation, products, and a lottery component for its three cities and tour sites.

SpaceX Go

SpaceX Go is a fan-made app that keeps you up to speed with Tesla’s space division. The app contains everything about SpaceX’s past, present, and future activities, including information on launches, vehicles, ships, and Tesla. The software has a straightforward, distraction-free interface that is simple to browse and enjoyable to use.


Pairing is a social dating app that is one of the most basic and straightforward Flutter applications accessible. Because relationships and matches are formed through the users’ real-world networks, dating is easier with Pairing. Flutter app development seems disturbingly like native app development. For example, creating an Android or iOS app may need several interactions with both operating systems. Flutter, on the other hand, enables you to construct optimized apps for both platforms using the same resource code. Furthermore, Flutter’s Instant Run functionality is useful. Your system will automatically update as you make changes to the code.


InKino is an unauthorized Android and iOS software that displays movie times and local theaters for Finnkino, Finland’s largest cinema chain. Users may use InKino to browse a list of currently playing and forthcoming movies in their area, reserve and buy movie tickets, look up showtimes, watch trailers, and learn more about their favorite films. The app has a simple UI with the clearly displayed information.

Xianyu By Alibaba

We think of Amazon and global dominance when we think of Jack Ma. The creators created the Xianyu platform to carry out their strategy. Over 200 million registered users have taken use of Flutter since its launch!! Today, there must be a lot of Chinese products floating about. They thought that the Flutter framework was a fantastic alternative when seeking a robust solution to develop and scale. Flutter has been used by apps with hundreds of millions of monthly active users.


This Flutter app performs well in terms of monitoring and tracking the most recent changes on more than 1600 worldwide cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. The Flutter-operated Cryptograph smartphone app delivers real-time information in the form of exchange rate maps, allowing users to track the market movement history of their chosen cryptocurrency. Cryptograph keeps track of over 1,600 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP), among others. The app shows currency conversion rates, allowing you to select and add coins to your Favorites for easy tracking, and much more. Making trade-offs between the designer’s aesthetic vision and the reality of development will be a part of creating app designs. Mobile designers and engineers frequently work in two universes, separated by a strict separation between the tools they use and the challenges of iterating an idea during the development process. The designer’s imagination is occasionally hindered by limitations in the developer’s APIs or frameworks; other times, graphic refinement is put off until “later” owing to other technical tasks (and “later” frequently means “never” in actuality).

Google And Its Innovations

Mother Google has been kind enough to build something like Flutter to make life easier not only for the developers but also the business class. It’s Google’s UI toolkit and it makes it trouble-free and quicker to build coactive and smooth mobile, web, and desktop apps. Flutter’s product development team can develop scalable native-like mobile apps for your business within a very short time frame. Leading mobile app agencies usually have an in-house team of expert android and iOS app developers that are brilliant at transporting your conception to life.

Build High-Performance Cross-Platform Mobile Apps With Flutter

By using Flutter expert developers any business can easily build cross-platform applications with the help of a single codebase. Together with this technology, you can build any app effortlessly. And later pull off a solution for both Android and iOS platforms as well. With Flutter, your project build time frame is less, fewer lines of code are written, and fewer developers are being hired. And last but not the least, easily pull off a product that’s not only a budget-friendly solution but also capable of promoting your business handsomely.

Hire An Expert Flutter App Developer

Fortune 500 to SMB’s like to use dedicated application development teams to reach millions of their customers. By building a flutter mobile app as a service decision now you can skit your ideas into reality and enhance them for aiming prospect-centered influence. Flutter mobile app developers allow business professionals to solve complex drawbacks with sophisticated mobile solutions that are simple to build, easy to complete, and open to every individual.

Build Next-Gen Smartphone Apps With Flutter

Flutter’s Hot Reload lets developers view current deviations without ending the present app state, and this ensues in speedily developing your looked-for mobile, web, or desktop app. Additionally, Flutter’s widgets fit in all systematic platform changes such as scrolling, steering, course-plotting, symbols, and typescripts. Apart from this, Flutter code is chronicled to integral ARM apparatus code by Dart’s native assembling database.

What Do Businesses Get With Flutter?

Along with fast development, you can have an app with interactive features, lustrous designs, and a completely customized user interface. Flutter also advances a supple and animated UI with a coated and organized design for customization, which in response makes astonishing designs for the native end-user feel.

Make Your MVP In Days – And Save Expenses!

That’s correct. By using Flutter, you’re able to release your chosen applications speedily to end-users with fewer resources. Along with quick development and release, other benefits that businesses avail are:

  • Agile development
  • Quick MVP development
  • Enhanced user experience for the masses
  • The interactive user interface on every screen and platform

Augment Your Team Effectively

Nevertheless, if you want a dedicated team of expert Flutter developers, connect with team Clustox via phone or email. The team is ever-ready to cater to your requirements, along with offering:

  • Notable performance
  • Swift native interface development
  • Less time spent on testing
  • A single codebase for Android and iOS apps
  • Support for Apple and Google designs
  • Faster production of advanced features

We suggest Flutter app development services to enterprises and create astonishingly built apps in a single codebase for iOS and Android web, desktop, and mobile platforms – to reach customers immediately and save costs on many aspects that may affect their productivity. At Clustox we offer you a product development team that can build scalable native-like mobile apps for your business by using Flutter. It’s Google’s UI toolkit which makes it easier and faster to develop interactive and sleek mobile, web, and desktop applications. We are one of those leading mobile app agencies that have an in-house team of expert Flutter app developers that can bring your idea to life. Sit back, and connect with us to reach thousands of your customers worldwide.

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