10 Most Important Reasons Why Your Startup Needs A Mobile App

10 Most Important Reasons Why Your Startup Needs A Mobile App

About 10 years ago the mobile app moment started. However, apps are important to get hold of your customers via IoT. There was a stretch when mobile offered a first-rate opportunity for businesses. The app store was something very new back in 2008. Ever since the debut of the first 500 apps, the mobile market has flooded with apps, apps, and apps. An app single-handedly caters to a base of users continuously hunting for implication.

Why Apps?

However, if we look at it, an app isn’t the solution for everything. But it does bridge the gap between people and technology. Your users can easily switch from the physical world to the virtual world in an instant. Applications also increase and expand the customer interface withstanding products. Subsequent to solutions that let you control the temperature remotely to security apps – IoT solutions help businesses to constantly add value for their users. Businesses don’t have to bend to just any type of innovation. At the present time, they have choices. They can build a progressive web app or a responsive website, or release a rich experience app across platforms with a single code base, and join the speedily rising IoT infrastructure.

Where To Start?

“You are serving a customer, not a life sentence. Learn how to enjoy your work.” Laurie McIntosh

Before you hedge on the bandwagon of building apps, ask your team to gather data to kick-start development. The main points should be something like:

  • Will the app help to reach your target audience?
  • How much financial responsibility is required?
  • Do you plan to support numerous platforms on comparatively spartan resources?
  • Can we grow existing functionality transported through an app?
  • Do you need to build a native app?

Here are the 10 expert tips for you to review the 10 most Important Reasons Why Your Startup Needs a Mobile App.

Don’t Miss Out On The Mobile & IoT Age

MentorMate CEO Björn Stansvik in 2014 conversed 3 major clues that the mobile era has surely arrived. He also mentioned the distinction between Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. Ever since 2014, the influence of these companies has been full-fledged, and you do see that in your day-to-day life. In addition, today Amazon has additional data with the courtesy of Whole Foods to mine, and reach more people. So, how will your business stay at the forefront? Hold this change and the promises it conveys. Use it to your benefit. For numerous businesses, a mobile app can easily do this. Furthermore, you can also easily update features and interfaces without diving into the complexities.

Get Ready To Embrace The Future

Discretely from smartphones and apps, the streak to rising technology has quantified to build novelties like Google Glass, smartwatches, and many more. USA TODAY has already stated that Goodyear is experimenting with the equal of a Fitbit for tires. Things are simply moving toward greater usages for IoT and AI-empowered devices. Possessing a mobile app now would groom you for the forthcoming augmentations and technologies that will be developed or adjoined to the platform.

Speed Up Product Modernization

Mobile apps open new business scopes and openings for the method they are expended. Particularly important is the prospect to put technology to effort determining customer problems and meeting client requirements. This forces innovation and assigns a way to novel products and services. For example, the smart fridge or ingestible medical analytic gadgets. Both ease consumer problems by forestalling action, dipping the perceptive load, or refining the experience at hand. How could your company integrate mobile or IoT technologies to make a more combined, well-organized, or user-balanced experience?

Consolidate Your Brand Image

Your brand image is indispensable for your success. Lacking a mobile app or other technical proficiencies, you might look outdated or detached from avant-garde trends. This can have an unintended effect on the performance and forthcoming likelihoods of your business. We’ve progressed past the time where having a mobile app showcased that you’ve embraced technology. Now your customers expect your brand to have a personalized app already. Therefore, you have to stand apart from the crowd that doesn’t have an app. Now you have to create a modernized experience by augmenting current competencies or through reduced disintegration.

Increase Your Website Traffic

Do you know that there are millions of hits on Apple’s app store and Google Play daily? If your app is correctly optimized for the app store, it can have numerous downloads. Furthermore, it will also course highly targeted traffic to your website and obtain backlinks from high-ranking pages. To correctly optimize your app for the app store you need talent and specific science. Choosing and arranging the right keywords at the correct regularity sets a sequence to more prominence and probable exposure for your website. Even though it may be affluent to launch your app and overlook it, the basis for using the mobile market to increase website traffic needs dedicated maintenance.

Time To Open New Revenue Channels

There are many benefits of having a personalized mobile app and you can monetize your app to open new channels to get revenue. There are many ways to do that. For example, you can add in-app purchases, do advertisements, attach price tags to various services or products, along with introducing paid features within your app. An example here can be the phot-editing applications – they keep adding features and also upgrading various in-app purchases to attract customers. There is a small-time starter package that allows 2 or 3 free edits – if you require more edits, you’ll need to buy the advance pack to edit as per your requirements. You can offer agreeable, incremental acquisitions with attractive features so that your customers can’t resist and will want to buy them instantly. Remember, for in-app purchases you need to have loyal customers, and for that, you have to invest initially in your business so that your customers can keep coming back.

You Get Invaluable Data Insights

One of the main benefits of mobile apps is the bulk of comprehensive customer data that you can pucker via them. You can categorize your most lucrative and auspicious regions, demographic sections, customer requirements, and general app performance. All this information and data can be exercised to render product augmentations, categorize new business prospects, and remodel new and existing products or features that assemble customer requirements.

Offer A Seamless Experience

For having more action and high user engagement you need to keep testing your app frequently. Eradicating bugs and optimizing the app thoroughly will get your users to stick to it immediately. Of course, you also need to have engaging content to do that. If you look at Google Play or Apple’s App Store – both have minimum speed requirements for quick download and browsing. You’ll require to keep up pace with all the latest technology platforms and continuous testing to ensure that your customers do get a seamless experience with the help of the latest technology tools.

Use Social Media Platforms

All of the social networking platforms have mobile apps, and users are heavily connected with each other. Every smartphone is devised to cater to this requirement. With the help of the latest features, technology stack, and latest updates – now these apps can store passwords, login information, deliver constant connectivity with complex content sharing, and much more. Furthermore, you can also run advertisements or business pages on each social networking platform.

Thus, your business gets ample chance to stay connected with your target audience, as well as also gather customer data by offering in-app advertisement features by subscribing to newsletters or sale alerts. Even if you create your own mobile app you can let the customers login via Facebook or Twitter or just Gmail to increase brand loyalty without having to go an extra mile.

Reach Your Customers Wherever They Are

Your target audience is very important for your business. Contingent on their feedback to your service or product, they can be the main supporters or most sore opponents. Irrespective of this fact, you can’t detach from your customers. Their requirements, disputes, and barricades do play a dominant role in any modernization you deliberate. The majority of your customers are keen smartphone users. Mobile apps utilize a major share of their daily schedules. An astounding 83% of all smartphone users start their day by tapping various apps on their smartphones – so if you want you can easily take full advantage of this feature and market as you like.

Closing Thoughts

As industries look to augment IoT competencies to present apps, several express apprehensions about the price to find and hold such accomplished talent. More and more companies are spinning outsource flexible and project-based talent for inadequate stretch roll-outs or constant support. So you can either hire an independent resource or get in touch with a technology-providing company to get your business remodeled with the latest tech stack and enjoy huge benefits. However, being a startup will minimize how much you invest in an independent resource – so our suggestion is to do a technology partnership to avoid any major setbacks.


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