11 Technology Trends that are Going To Rule the Year 2023

Unquestionably technology has the potential of shifting the course of our lives. This epidemic has reformed technology inclinations, technological revolutions, and digital ecology. Adjacent to this, our view on life has altered, and we are excavating ways to be more constructive and viable via technology. Industries are speeding up inventions as they aim to be more cautious and better equipped for extraordinary times. The next few years will be jam-packed with technological shocks and commotion. In this blog today, we shall study some up-and-coming technology trends in 2022 that can set the progression for the upcoming years.

How Pandemic Shifted Everything?

Despite being technologically equipped, when the Covid-19 started raging, we lost everything. We saw how shallow and poorly built our infrastructures were. Next, it’s healthcare that collapsed under immense pressure, and so did other industries. However, what didn’t get impacted were the latest technology solutions that further channeled innovative methods to market. Furthermore, ROI is the main apprehension of every business out there.

That’s precisely what we strive for, and try to take chances, do savings, and much more. However, what businesses quickly forget is that they must walk together with the new changes coming in technology. Here, AI – artificial intelligence portrays a vital role, and a lot of businesses fail to understand why they should start adopting AI initially. Thus, today, let us explore the various technology trends about disrupting 2022 to a level that can allow all of us to relate to it. And why urgency is needed to implement and start using technology universally.

1. Innovation Comes With Practice

No wonder we all used to love the old Nokia to a great extent. But the instant Apple and Samsung gave us the smart-touch ease – we all jumped on the trend of smartness. They were luxurious, non-durable, and above all, hard to use. Nevertheless, all of us started learning how to function progressively, and now you won’t find a single person on the planet unable to operate with a smartphone. Likewise, technology is an intelligent tool to grow your business and get better ROI. Artificial intelligence, data science, RPA – all have no boundaries, off-days, or leaves when it comes to working from home.

Further, technology has progressed with time so much that we can no longer miss the fact of accepting it in our daily lives. Who wants to cook after a 9-to-5 schedule? Or order once you are just ready to doze off? Here, technology is your definitive help-in-disguise. It can do anything you want it to do.

What Is The Concept Behind Innovation?

There were many reasons for the development of AI. The most important of all is to remove the downtime for collecting data, resources, and delays. Google Maps, Cortana, Bixby, and Siri are just a few examples of AI in your lives slowly. We all love the fact that there is someone right in our palm to guide us through the way or answer our questions and confusions.

The same is the case with the robotic automation process. It simplifies your tasks and lets your business focus on growth instead of hiring somebody to do the errands. Insurance companies, retail stores, IT stockholders – all these big giants have tons of data stored and collected. They can easily use an RPA- based tool or mechanism to ensure the safety and apt availability of data and a better understanding of their users. In the same way, a similar process can be carried out by other types of businesses as well.

2. Personalization Is Easy With RPA

Data is the ultimate key to success no matter what form of business you are functioning in. User engagement, behaviors, and analytics – all come with data. Every other day, thousands of startups are born and closed. Only the one who identifies how to stay in the game can remain in the airstrip. So, what is the reason for this closure? Funds, resources, or something else? Think about it from a universal perspective – what does your usual customer need? Most of you are guaranteed to say courtesy, responsiveness, and excellent customer service.

Nevertheless, Millennials are your present customers, and they don’t come in easy when it is sales that matter. These guys are nifty, tech-savvy, and need quantity and quality in sync. So, how are you going to buckle up and deliver to these intelligent customers? The only easy solution is through AI. RPA is going to help you appreciate your customer psychology without frustrating them initially. The collection of data mining is going to be flawless and timely.

Improve Your Brand Marketing With The Latest Technology

When it comes to brand marketing – you must think out-of-the-box to ensure you deliver what you promise in your mission statement. AI allows you to precisely collect data, understand how it is being used, and develop a system to target your audience and match a specific niche. It also lets you connect freely with your customers through immeasurable programs and provide them with details that can matter as a growth point in your success story.

All of you, the strong digital leaders, know that stimulating your customer’s interest and making them stay with your business has been the biggest test in today’s time. If you don’t adapt according to your customer – your company becomes a lost cause. Therefore, it’s time to plan and automate your resources to ensure you stay within the industry’s influence.

3. 5G Will Go Middle-Of-The-Road:

The preceding few years have had enough buildup around 5G and its stimulus, but in 2022, it may go real. Next, as we see the remote work still in shape, digital collaboration and videoconferencing transpire to be a vital part of our lives. The need for a steady and fast connection has become super valuable. Gartner forecasts that by 2023, more than 1 billion promised users of 5G, which means a more than 217% diverse annual growth rate.

While it was a no-brainer for telecom businesses, the use of 5G technology will quickly change numerous industries’ dynamics. Companies playing with techs like AI, IoT, and customer data platforms will profit the most. This technology is in the lead to enhance the insight into customer needs, performances, and preferences.

4. Digital Health The Latest Of The Technology Trends

This pandemic exposed the flimsiness of our system. The health of all the business divisions deteriorated the most in 2020. It was at that time the digital medical inspection or digital health could be the savior of humanity. Internationally, in the year 2018, the digital health arcade was about $88 billion in worth. However, now it is expected to grow over $500 billion in worth by 2025. In 2022, the digital health area will expand with justifiable, inexpensive, and scalable health remedies.

We already know that our world is in a digital spur and is ready to embrace any form of technology that can solve the latest health support system. And, it’s about time that we accept and support a digital health system to keep our elders and kids safe. Furthermore, this will also withhold the pressure on our healthcare staff.

5. Internet Of Behaviors:

Do not mix up this term with IoT. The Internet of Behaviors is fated to seize the “digital dust” of nations’ lives from numerous fonts. Public or isolated units can use this data to read and understand stimulus-specific behavior, like subsequent social distancing protocols. Built on customers’ data, we see that the customer behavior is shaped in addition to the following:

  • Regarding their buying outlines,
  • Driving courses,
  • Facial features,
  • Government work material,
  • Public sector data, and
  • Social media pursuits

Additionally, Gartner has also predicted that more than half of the international populace will be under an IoB tool by 2025. Given the happening of COVID-19 rules, we shall see a surge in the rise of the internet of behaviors in 2022. This will be amazing in 24-hour care and refining consumer selections, impacts, and actions.

6. Promising Technology Trends – Distributed Cloud:

Numerous cloud-based applications have seized the markets by storm. Over 90% of companies are now operating under the cloud-based setup. The stats display how essential are cloud-based technologies. About 60 percent of activity is done on cloud-mounted servers. As the term hints, distributed cloud signifies cloud services owed according to their physical position over public cloud sources. However, distributed cloud-based technology will boom for its many benefits in 2022, mostly, physical vicinity, more negligible inactivity, and reduced expense of the data. Without question, cloud distribution is imminent and the latest standard in the new normal WFH as well.

7. Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Technology:

Cryptocurrency is considered an online monetary equivalent. This digital asset has a tremendous $265 billion market value. As of now, approximately 40 million people use cryptocurrency. In 2022 we expect an increase without doubt. The mounting interest of businesses on the road to digitalization will further raise the possibility of cryptocurrency and blockchain. A lot of significant companies use cryptocurrency and Blockchain tech as the primary form of cross-platform transactions. These are also 2022’s definitive transformations in digital transactions.

8. The Hype Of Ethical AI:

The byproducts of Artificial intelligence, along with itself, are indeed advancing and encouraging. However, technologies being ceded with the crux of knowledge that humans might have a disturbing impact. The approach to data, if not watched, can also have awful results. These trepidations have strapped the mandate for ethical AI. Given that, today’s employees and customers anticipate businesses to implement AI diligently. Companies know that stimulating your customer’s interest is overly mindful of doing partnerships with tech partners with that being an expectation. This includes proper security of data and enhanced ethical values surrounding AI.

9. Adoption Of Customer Data Platforms

In current months, we see a rise in customer-based data platforms’ progress, acceptance, and popularity (CDP). Meanwhile, organizations could not take advantage of the patchy data distributed across different spaces. This further highlighted the need for organized data on a single platform. Analyses quote that businesses misplace around $3 trillion in revenue alone just because of not having well-processed data at hand. To support modern enterprises, technology has shifted and provides insight for better data-supported decisions. The solution comes in the form of a CDP – it can help explain the problem by storing data from numerous sources, shape it, label it, and make it operational for business leaders. With all thanks to the pandemic, now in 2022, we will see additional growth in CDPs’ implementation and approval. They are outstanding for enacting IoB, IoT, and other vital AI-driven apps.

10. HR Tech & Remote Work Implementations

The famous research platform Forrester Research envisages a long-term flourishment of work from home, remote work, HR technologies, and superior automation tools. In the year 2022, the Employee Experience (EX) is outlined by long-term remote work. The accomplishment of tasks will be contingent upon a company’s shares in HR expertise and capacity to cope with the crisis. The analysis firm recommends that less than one-3rd of the businesses have any employee experience surveys. Some of the businesses have a voice-of-the-employee synopsis, which is derogatory to evaluate and amend employee experiences. In the future of the 2022 emerging technology trends, handling employee experiences (EX) is critically important. And yes, businesses big or small must cater to it just like any other customer experience.

11. Virtual Or E-Sports:

Just a few years ago, the thought of real-time gaming, virtual games, and athletics was a fragment of imagination. However, while the pandemic was around the corner, we saw a massive surge of public interest in virtual or e-sports. Predictors say that by 2023 this will surpass a vast $1.5 billion worth. Due to Covid-19 restrictions in place, 1/3 of the population shifted towards online games. Virtual sports avenues and portals are heavily publicized as of now. Video games, virtual sports, cloud gaming, and much more are the town’s talk since 2020. And all this boosted e-sports further.

Furthermore, we know the main participants and viewers belong to the Gen Z and Millennial age groups. These guys are intelligent, keen, and accept changes as they are. There is no in-between, if or but when it comes to the technology drift for this age group.

How Does Team Clustox Help In Distributing The Technology Trends?

We, at Clustox, believe in the incessant success and growth of our clients. Our company offers technological solutions and expertise based on the requirements of our customers. Our experts help businesses benefit from emerging technology trends in a mature shape and stimulate their growth beyond expectations. Furthermore, our experts believe in digital transformation and how this can ultimately shape upcoming events. Apart from all this, we also focus on:

  • Leverage Robotics to reduce costs and friction
  • Configuring and deploying virtual assistants (chatbots)
  • Seamless software programs to enhance the customer journey and experience
  • Build logics that identify opportunities locked in structured and unstructured data in your enterprise

So, businesses, “Do not get left behind” – your competitors already adopting this technology drift while you’re reading this blog. Our experience with Fortune 500 companies lets our team members handle easy to complex projects expertly. So, don’t wait, and make the call today! Let’s transform your organization with the latest Technology Trends for better ROI and fast growth. Call us today!

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