20 Best Mobile App Ideas For Business Startups in 2023

20 Best Mobile App Ideas For Business Startups in 2023

Developing a million-dollar mobile app is not an easy task. First, one must locate a mobile app development company with relevant expertise to turn the idea into reality.

When it comes to mobile app ideas and development technologies, Cloud computing has taken over the global market and is expected to reach $832 billion in 2025.

From $371 billion in 2020, annual growth was recorded at 17.5%, comprising SaaS (Software as a Service) revenue alone grew from 2% of the software market in 2009 to 23% in 2020.

Today’s pandemic situation suggests the transfer of enterprise applications to cloud technology so that the business can leverage mobile app ideas for success. Mobile app development trends have a massive urge with more than 5 Billion unique smartphone users.

According to Statista, the increasing number of mobile applications will quickly grow the revenue from $462 billion in 2019 to $935 billion in 2023.

Mobile App Development Usage and Revenue – Key Figures to Note

  • Average Number of Apps User installs: 60-90 apps and uses one of them daily, spending 2 hours 15 minutes on all of them.
  • An average smartphone user uses up to 10 apps/day and 30 apps each month.
  • App Store Consumer Spending is projected to increase by 92% ($157 billion) worldwide by 2022.
  • Approx. 77% of App Users spend time on the Top Three Applications and the rest of the time on the other ten trending apps.
  • Moreover, 87% of users check their phone for an hour before sleep, and 69% check their phone within 5 minutes before bedtime.
  • On average, 100,000 new Android mobile apps are released monthly on Google PlayStore.

Predictions about Different Types of Apps and the Revenue they are Likely to Generate by 2025

App CategoryRevenue in 2021Estimated Revenue in 2025
Lifestyle$10 million$14 million
Music$9 million$13 million
Social Media$39 million$60 billion
Books$7 million$12 million
Photo and Video$16 million$25 million
Education$6 million$10 million

Need for Mobile App Ideas for Your Business?

Although, the stats on mobile app development and usage have explained the importance of mobile apps. Besides these, there are plenty of more reasons for it.

Reason #1: More than 60% of internet users are using mobile to go online.

Reason #2: The internet has attained more than half of the global penetration. The internet penetration in developed countries is more than 85% and nearly 50% in under-development countries.

Reason #3: The mobile internet share time has crossed the 50% average.

Different Businesses Around the Globe Using Mobile Apps

So, in the present era, mobiles are taking over great dominancy and taking the future under their control. Eventually, you should take care of the current trends to make the future fall in the right direction.

To make it easier for you to revamp your business with some of the coolest mobile app ideas, we have bundles of trending mobile app ideas here.

Build your dream app project with our help now!

Top 20 Trending Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2022

1. Scanning Apps

It has been a long time since various scanning apps entered the app stores. Thus, considering them as possible mobile app ideas for a startup can surely help the owner make the most of it. Such scanning apps allow us to find items online by merely scanning or capturing an image of them.

This promotes not only online shopping but also allows online shopping to be even more hassle-free.

2. Restaurant Booking Apps

The idea of going to restaurants to book your table has become old-fashioned. Many startups should now look forward to developing restaurant booking apps to increase their daily bookings.

Furthermore, these apps allow users to have a quick sneak-peak of the restaurant, allowing them to choose their table location for a specific time.

3. Virtual Study App

With the pandemic corona situation, group study has become a dream for students. Given the need, entrepreneurs must consider developing a virtual study app as a mobile app idea for their startup.

This app should allow students to share their knowledge with pupils in the same field. It can also enable students to contribute to study material such as books, notes, and other guides.

4. Navigation Apps

Navigation apps have been benefiting people for a while now. However, with the technology advancing each day, users also expect to get their hands on technologically accelerated navigation apps. Thus, startups must consider developing robust navigation apps with amplified functionalities.

Some unique features can include telling the users about possible traffic jams on their way to a specific place or taking them through interesting routes based on their interests and likes.

5. Online Gift Delivering Apps

In this fast-paced world, people often don’t find the time to cherish their relations. They find it challenging to take out time to visit shopping centers to buy gifts. Therefore an online gift delivery app has become the need of the hour.

Entrepreneurs should consider developing an app that allows people to purchase good yet affordable gifts without hassle. It could also schedule deliveries for important events like birthdays or marriage anniversaries.

6. Supermarket Apps

People nowadays look forward to shopping online. Whether they are clothes, jewelry, or even grocery items, an app should allow them to buy and receive their orders within hours is preferred.

Therefore, developing such an app will be a great mobile app idea for a startup in such a situation. It could also lead to a significant business venture for entrepreneurs.

7. Food Recommendation Apps

What a heartbreak it is when you order expensive food from a restaurant that is against your liking. Here the need for a functional yet unbiased food recommendation app arises that could give suggestions based on people’s reviews.

Hence, many find it an excellent mobile app idea for a startup. Moreover, the app could get on-board popular food bloggers to improve the credibility of its reviews.

8. Parking Apps

It is common not to find car parking near famous recreational places. The experience is exceedingly frustrating for people. Taking advantage of this need, entrepreneurs must consider the development of a parking app.

This app will employ GPS to find users’ available parking near their present location, helping them save time.

9. Construction Apps

It may be a hassle for landlords to find laborers to construct their buildings. Hence, an app that could connect landlords with the type of labor they need for building construction can garner massive popularity quickly.

Moreover, this app will save time and allow owners to find workers available in their area at cheaper rates.

10. Augmented Reality Apps

One of the major concerns while purchasing some furniture articles is whether the product will suit the room and the best location to place it. To solve this problem, AR apps are created that help you style your room by using cameras and 3D models of various furniture items in the virtual space of the phone.

In addition to these augmented reality benefits, these apps can partner with other shopping sites and help users order directly from the app after testing the article’s looks in their room.

11. Language Learning Apps

Many people around the globe don’t even have English as their first language. Similarly, when a person moves to foreign countries for different reasons, to help them learn the language from beginning to end with the help of several resources.

Language Learning apps are one of the most brilliant app ideas for 2022 that one can adopt to help users. Moreover, these applications have different difficulty levels, the first level starting with basic letters and their sounds.

And this goes to an advanced level of containing fluent conversation in that language. Voice notes and assessments also power these types of apps, and quiz features too. Furthermore, some more advanced language learning apps also have voice translation features too.

12. Fitness Apps

The most commonly used mobile app development idea is to create a fitness appc. A health fitness app targets health-conscious people who love to track their workout activities and gather a piece of advice from registered nutritionists, pathologists, and health trainers.

The primary purpose of such mobile app development is to lower health disorders risk and boost a healthy lifestyle. Besides these, fitness applications should also be equipped with individual meal charts, lifestyle plans, diet plans, etc., according to the user’s preference.

Letting the user talk to consultants will help your mobile application idea to grow among the right audience.

13. Image And Video Editing Apps

With the emergence of the best music video editing and recording app – TikTok, people look forward to more such apps. As social media use is heating up different trends daily, social media app preferences also change.

Consequently, more and more social users put on their personal lives on social media platforms in the form of video format.

Not only ordinary users but also companies prefer videos for marketing products. So, making such video posts professional and attention-grabbing should be appropriately edited with brilliant skills.

14. Lyrics Tracking Apps

Most of us have undoubtedly fallen into the following disgusting scenarios at least once in life. At times we hear a song and like it a lot, but sadly, we forget the lyrics, and all we have is just a tune set in our minds. We keep on humming parts or fragments of the song all day long.

Sometimes, we even remember some lyrics that suddenly come to our minds but don’t know which song it is. In both cases, users struggle to steam their memory to find the music file.

There are different apps available on the app stores, where users can search for songs with just a few lyrics or by humming those tunes. So, to solve the problem of users who greatly suffer from this problem, you can grow your mobile app development business with it.

15. Taxi Dispatch Apps

Since the release of Uber, Careem and other taxi service apps have been in demand among a vast audience. Moreover, it is expected that 1588 million users will use online taxi services by 2024.

However, the cost to build an app like Uber certainly requires a considerable investment, but the brighter side of this investment is that you can double the amount just in a year. Remember that your app’s success purely depends on the quality of service you offer.

If you are confident that you have come across the best mobile app developers in the town, you can enter into the project of taxi app development.

16. Online Appointment Booking Apps

Whether it’s about digital healthcare or booking a hotel for vacation, all the online appointment bookings and reservations can be managed through your mobile app.

Online Booking or Appointment Scheduling apps are developed to save users time and effort to visit physically first and wait for their turn. As a result, different businesses have experienced a tremendous increase in sales and leads due to the online booking system.

So, if you have a hotel, you’re a doctor, or any other service provider, build a mobile app for your business today and boost your business revenue today.

17. Real-Time Cost Estimation Apps

From real-time farming cost measurement to mobile app development cost estimation, you can find a rough estimate of everything. These mobile app ideas are to make the life of users much more accessible by providing them with cost estimates so that they can know whether they can afford them or not.

So, all you have to do is build such an application that will counter some questions, and according to that, it will calculate the estimated cost of that product; these apps are like of cost estimation calculator.

The technology has become so advanced that farmers from rural and urban areas can find real-time farming cost measurements from applications like Wisran.

18. Expense Tracker Apps

Finance management is the problem of every second mobile user around us. So, different types of expense tracking softwares are built today.

These mobile apps come with features like accurately scanning receipts, calculating log bill hours, auto-tracking mileage expenses, email expense reports, and more. Users anywhere around the globe can now scan their bills and keep track of their monthly payments.

However, it is not easy to find such skillful software developers in the town to build such a unique application. For your ease, We at Clustox have many successful applications built into our portfolio; one of them is Falcon Expenses – an expense tracker that keeps detailed reports.

19. Trivia Mobile Quiz Apps

Students and adults also install different quiz apps to increase their knowledge. Mobile game app development has undoubtedly been quite demanding over the last few years. But trivia quiz apps are also great for knowledge base learning and fun.

So, if you aim at helping users and making money, you can get the Trivia App Development services from the top game software developers.

20. News And Updates Apps

In this busy life, no one has time to sit in front of the television and watch the news to stay updated with the latest happenings and trends in the world.

Today, everyone prefers to have everything in one place: their mobile phones. So, to keep smartphone users updated with the latest news and trends, the best mobile app development idea is to create a news-based application.

Wrapping Up:

You can say that there are infinite possibilities of mobile app development ideas available in today’s tech world. Moreover, looking at the advancements in the field, one should find out what is profitable at this time and will be trending in the future.

To learn what will be in great demand in the future, read our mobile app development trends piece of writing to understand what you should do.

If you still cannot find out your out-of-the-box solution, you need to reach out to Clustox’s Tech Consultants to guide you on what mobile app development idea will best suit your business and which idea you should follow if you are starting up.


Frequently Asked Questions

While it completely depends on the features, region of development, and requirements of the app, on average, it can cost approx. $10,000 to $50,000 in the development process.

For beginners, you can follow these steps to develop an app:

  • Generate idea
  • Research market
  • Design mockups
  • Write code
  • Test and run
  • Support and maintenance

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