10 Best Mobile App Ideas for 2023: Steal Them Before Anyone Else Does

“A Good Idea can change your life,” everyone is familiar with this sentence and has come across it many times in life. What about if you get the 10 best ideas to change your life, feeling excited? If you are keen to reveal these ideas, then let’s drive you to the topic with one basic question;

Have you ever thought of a day without mobile phones and the internet?

There will be a BIG NO in answer to this question. So, its quite fair to add one more factor to the slogan of life:

“Food, Water, Shelter + INTERNET.”

And when the factor internet comes into the picture, how can we forget our smartphones? According to research, 80% of urban people access the internet through their mobile phones, and we know that these people are not using browsers on their mobile phones; they are spending time on installed mobile apps. Smartphone users mostly surf on mobile apps for their day-to-day routine work. Therefore, today everything is just a click away, from booking an appointment to ordering food from any restaurant is just about tapping on a mobile screen.

Indirectly, mobile phones and the internet are all about mobile apps, and we can’t even imagine a day without mobile apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Uber, Spotify, etc. As per facts and figures;

  • In 2017, there were 178 billion mobile app users and increased by 194 billion in 2018.
  • Moreover, in the first quarter of 2022, there are nearly 3.5 million mobile apps on Google Play Store and about 2.2 million on Apple App Store.
  • Mobile apps are expected to gross revenue over $935 billion by 2023.
  • 21% of millennials open a mobile app more than 50 times a day.
  • 49% of smartphone users open an app 11+ times every day.
  • On average, a single user uses 10 apps every day and 30 apps every month.

However, these figures are going to increase in the future, as users find it more convenient, reliable, and easy to use things through mobile apps. And the basic necessity to use an app is just a smartphone and internet connection. Everyone next to you has a smartphone in their pocket with a reliable internet package in this modern era.

Plenty of mobile applications are available in the market according to the users’ needs. We all have some must-have apps in our mobile phones like Uber or hola for accessing cab services, Zomato and Swiggy for food ordering, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram – the most popular social networking apps.

Do You Think That Mobile App Ideas Are Costly?

No, it isn’t true; today, launching or developing a mobile app is cheaper as the mobile app development cost mainly depends on layout, functionality, and features. So developing a mobile app by top software development companies or freelance app developers, the starting range is $5000 and so on. Here, we’ve listed the 10 best mobile app development ideas for 2022 so that you can pick the best one and be the next market leader.

1. Places to Avoid During Vacations

You might have come across apps that suggest a location to visit during vacation. But what about the places that you should avoid while planning your holidays. Therefore, you need an app that takes your interests, phobias, and dislikes into account and accordingly suggests the places you should visit.

Whenever we plan our vacation, no one wants to go to a place where we won’t enjoy due for several reasons. So, before listing the sites for vacations, you should check an app that sorts out the places you shouldn’t visit.

2. Check the Freshness of Food

Is the next meal that you are about to eat rotten or fresh? Yes, you can take a bite and find out, but what are the chances that you won’t end up like Snow White? Of course not. Being an entrepreneur, you need to focus on AI/Machine Learning skills to build a mobile app that can earn an amount of money as a food inspector app.

For food inspector app development, the experts have to train their AI to identify rotten food. The users will have to click a photo of food, upload it, and wait for the app to give the message.

The app’s artificial intelligence will evaluate the quality of the food-based upon various data points. And this collected data will conclude whether the food is fresh or rotten.

3. Have we met? App

Just imagine, you met someone a decade ago, then became good friends for a very short span, and then he/she just vanished for some reason. Out of sheer luck, there are very few chances for you to recognize that one person. You will hardly remember his/her name and how you met them. However, at times, we fail to remember things and leave a very disappointing effect. So, how about having a mobile app that will maintain a database of the people you met in your life?

No worries at all, you are going to have an app on your mobile phones in the future, with the help of which you will be able to find out when and where you met and other details of that person. It is going to be really cool as people can recall all their memories through this application.

4. What Should I Cook Today?

What I should cook today for lunch or dinner is the most common dilemma that we all face in our daily lives. Whereas, at times, you are out of town or away from family and have minimal food items to cook your next meal. So, there will be such an application in the future that will help you decide what you can cook with the items you have and how you can make a delicious meal without having any expert cooking skills.

Users can fill in the data about the ingredients they have, and the smart cooking mobile app will come up with a delicious dish name and recipe. Moreover, if you like the recipe, you can save it and also share it with your friends and family through social platforms.

5. Is the Product Original or Not?

Till now, you all have a pocket filled with a number of cool mobile app development ideas; the list doesn’t end here; we’ve some more exciting and profitable ideas to grow your business.

Many times we all buy a product and then, later on, realize that the product is not original. Well, this is not going to continue anymore in the future. You are going to have a mobile app in your pocket that can detect the originality of the product with just a few details. These details about the product will be color, build, and manufacture tags, and the app will identify whether you’ve brought the original or replica product.

6. Never Eat Alone

Do you prefer to stay alone, or are you lonely by birth? Maybe you don’t like anyone to join you, but you also want someone to accompany you who shares your interests. Have you thought about inviting your people with common interests to eat with you?

You can find the best food partner with a mobile app now. The users need to enter information about their preferred food items and some interests and invite people worldwide to eat with them. Thus, in this way, different people on that app will view your food preferences and interest; based on these, they will accept the invite and have some memorable moments with you.

7. Lottery App

Like in past days, people were really fond of the lottery, and the same excitement is found in users today. Everyone loves to get something without spending much.

In the past, winning a lottery was really annoying and challenging. People had to wait in a long queue for the lottery tickets and then for the announcement of the lucky winner. To revolutionize the spirit and excitement of the lottery, it is taken to an online version.

Lottery apps are becoming more popular as users can buy tickets online through various online payment options. After that, they’ve to scan the QR code to get their unique code, and within the next 24 hours, they will receive a notification popup of the results. If the user was that one lucky winner, they can collect more information in the app for managing the prize, else keep their fingers crossed for the next time.

8. My Dream List App

We all have a dream and fantasies list, but we fail to fulfill our dreams due to several reasons. For instance, you dream about a world tour and definitely need a travel partner as traveling alone is tedious.

So, having a My dream app can make it easy to fulfill your dreams and find similar people who can accompany you. Moreover, this app will make you aware of hurdles and other factors you need to consider to fulfill your dream.

9. Blockchain Tax or Invoicing Apps

We all know that blockchain technology trends are going to rule the digital world. Eventually, doing tax returns is time-consuming as well as an expensive task either for personal or business. Therefore, an efficient expense management app can be the best solution to tax and invoicing applications. To execute these tasks successfully, this app should be using blockchain technology. This kind of mobile app is beneficial for businesses as they can take care of customer finances and manage them efficiently.

10. Carbon Footprint Calculator

Every individual should play a role in minimizing carbon emissions. It is not only the duty of industrial countries. However, you don’t know how much carbon footprint you have and how to reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, carbon footprint calculator apps are getting quite popular among users these days. It gives the user a clear picture by calculating all the carbon footprints of the user’s activities.

From Best Mobile App Ideas To Mobile App Development

You have checked all the best mobile app ideas for 2022. Many of these would have excited you. So, which app idea would you be choosing and executing in 2022? Selecting the best mobile app development idea, your following step anchors at finding the right mobile app development company. Looking for the best mobile app development company is easy. Clustox is one of the best software development companies globally to consider all the factors from cost to technologies and tools to quality assurance. Our developers, designers, and digital specialists are on the top with the latest technical development skills. We ensure to utilize the latest technologies and tools to deliver the best mobile app development services.

Move on the next, share your opted idea with us, and build the next market-leading product.

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