10 Best Photo Sharing Social Media Apps like Instagram

10 Best Photo Sharing Social Media Apps like Instagram

The famous photo-sharing social media application Instagram is considered one of the great ways to connect with friends, followers, and favorite celebrities. But, is there any similar app like Instagram that connects you with users in the same way?

If you are tired of using Instagram and want to try something new but still want to share your content with the same, there are some apps like Instagram. There are plenty of other options with visually rich features on Instagram. Here are 10 photo-sharing social media apps like Instagram that are worth exploring.

Instagram – Photo Sharing Social Media App Features And Functionalities

Instagram’s content sharing feature is not limited to photos; it allows users to share videos, make GIFs, and much more. Featuring several mesmerizing functionalities, Instagram users can share their moments with people. Here are remarkable features of Instagram:

  • Image Editing
  • Location Tagging
  • Private Messaging
  • Video Editing Tools
  • Text and Drawing Tools
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Commenting
  • @mentions
  • Push Notifications
  • Stories Features
  • Disappearing Photos & Videos
  • Search Functionality
  • Group Messaging
  • Hashtags
  • Filters
  • User Tagging
  • User Profiles
  • Public & Private Profiles

Latest Updates on Instagram in 2022

There are also some of the most recent upgrades on Instagram:

  • Instagram Reels
  • Unique QR Codes
  • Instagram TV
  • Checkout on Instagram
  • Facebook Pay
  • Story Highlights
  • Live Sales
  • Premium Subscribe

Architecture of Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most liked and well-known photo-sharing apps, popular among people of almost all genders and ages. It has also gained the attention of a lot of businesses around the world. This lets them run a strong and attractive marketing campaign through this platform.
However, any company that would like to develop a similar app, private or public, would require a dive into its architecture. Here is a

Statistics of Instagram Usage

Here are some of the statistics defining the popularity of Instagram.
Here is a list of quick statistics for 2022:

Quick Instagram Statistics (2022)
Monthly Active Users+2 billion
Daily Active Users1.9 billion
Stories Daily Active Users+500 million
Number of Businesses on Insta+200 million
Total no of Downloads+62 million

Here is a list to know some fun demographics and facts on Instagram:

Instagram Demographics (2022)
Female users48.4%
Male users51.6%
25-34-year-old users31.2%
18-24-year-old users31%
Users from the U.S123 million
Users outside the U.S87%

Businesses have also been taking a lot of advantage of Instagram to attract their potential target customers without having to get into much hassle. Here is a quick business overview:

Instagram Business Demographics (2022)
Users visiting at least one business profile daily+200 million
Businesses in the U.S. using Instagram71%
Influencers on Instagram500,000
Fashion-related sponsored posts25%
Stories for sponsored campaigns55.4%
People discover products through Instagram+200 million

Technology Stack

These are some of the IT specifications used by Instagram that can give you a basic idea of what tech-savvy skills you might need to create top social media apps similar to Instagram.

iOS Application
Android Application
NetworkingOkHttp 3, Retrofit 2
Backend Development
LanguageNode.js (JavaScript)
API DocumentationSwagger
FrameworkExpress 4
Third-Party Services
EmailsElastic Email
Push notificationsFCM
StorageAmazon S3
Geolocation Google Maps

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Why Should You Try Other Social Media Apps Like Instagram?

Do you ever feel Instagram – is a dark cloud in your social media life? Instagram is a tech giant owned by Facebook and loved by millions of users. It started just as a photo-sharing application back in 2010 and today has created a social media monopoly.

It can be the only sole reason to let down Instagram. Besides, users have also complained about the plummeting of its engagement due to algorithms favoring massive accounts and sponsored posts.

Another reason that forces users to look for Instagram alternatives is the platform’s intrusive privacy policy. Instagram has complete access to your personal information; they can record, track, and share this data whenever and wherever they want.
Furthermore, they even have access to your camera and microphone and a nonexclusive right to any content you are sharing.

Popular Social Media Apps Like Instagram

In this ever-evolving era of digitization, social media plays a massive role in the success of most businesses. To have a better idea of this, here are some of the favorite photo-sharing apps that you can use to promote your products and services:

1. Pinterest

Pinterest might seem like an unlikely option, but it does serve the purpose of photo sharing as a social media app. If you want to explore high-definition quality photos, then the Pinterest social sharing app is the way to go.

It allows users to upload and share their images and view images of other users. But images there are segregated topic-wise rather than people’s profiles or pages. However, Pinterest is not an alternative to Instagram but a photo-sharing app like Instagram.

If a person is looking for some home design concepts or wedding ideas, they can find everything on Pinterest. It also offers users the features to save pictures, organize them, label saved posts, and share them with friends and followers.

No of Users: +335 million

Monetization Model: Promoted pins and advertising

Popularity: In Brazil, the U.S., India

Availability: Play Store and Apple Store

2. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps and the main competitor of Instagram. A photo enhancement, sharing, and chatting app lets users message their friends with photos and videos.

Snapchat also offers the feature of posting stories that last for 24 hours, like Instagram stories functionality. However, it does not allow users to post anything permanently as users can on Instagram. Nevertheless, it functions in the same way as Instagram does.

Thus, it is definitely the best photo-sharing app like Instagram, as both applications consistently borrow each other’s features.

No of Users: +229 million

Monetization Model: Snap store, advertising, premium accounts

Popularity: in France, the U.S., Asia

Availability: Play Store and Apple Store

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is the best one-stop solution if you don’t like Instagram. It gives free to users for posting images, videos, or text posts. In contrast, other users can search for that particular image or post via hashtag. Tumblr even leads the way in sharing the activity of social media apps.

Although the users of Tumblr are limited with stories, features, or live content, it gives a pretty good experience of social media surfing. Users can even make their own GIFs to attract more users.

The most exciting feature of Tumblr – a popular photo-sharing app, is that it has an old MySpace feel, providing a customized virtual view of your profile page. So, you can add as many images and videos as you want permanently on your page, but you are restricted with stories.

No of Users: +472 million

Monetization Model: Advertising, premium themes, sponsored posts

Popularity: Canada, Germany, U.K., the U.S.

Availability: Play Store and Apple Store

4. Flickr

If your sole purpose of using Instagram is just the feature of sharing your photos, Flicker can be the best alternative app for Instagram. This photo-sharing social media app allows you to edit

pictures and then share them with geotagged locations in the same way one does on Instagram.

Besides enabling you to share images, it also allows you to send messages, comments on other posts, and many more. The Flicker social media app mainly promotes the search for inspiration and emphasizes less on personal photo-sharing activity.

No of Users: +112 million

Monetization Model: Corporate accounts, advertising, premium services

Popularity: the U.S., UK, Canada, Germany, France

Availability: Play Store and Apple Store

5. Imgur

Imgur is popular because it has more user engagement than Flicker; it works like other photo-sharing social media apps. The uploaded images can be viewed as well as shared by followers too.

Moreover, this platform has more user engagement, as it offers a few distinct benefits like memes and funny content quite popular along with regular images.

Thus, acknowledging the exponential popularity of memes, one can totally agree with the fact that Imgur – photo and video-sharing social media apps give tough competition in the market.

So, if you browse Instagram just to kill time, then you will spend valuable time on this app. All in all, Imgur allows you to create and share GIFs, making it one of the most famous social media apps used.

No of Users: +150 million

Monetization Model: Subscriptions, premium services, serving ads

Popularity: the U.S., Canada, UK

Availability: Play Store and Apple Store

6. Retrica

If you remember the time somewhere between 2012 – 2014, Retrica is a photo-enhancing app. It’s time to bring back that app, as Retrica has now improved the features like posting pictures and videos on your account.

Retrica stands out from other photo-sharing apps like Instagram, with fun filters to play with freaky snaps. The fun of the social media app does not end here; you can create and share GIFs that Instagram doesn’t feature.

Moreover, with only about 50,000 monthly visitors, it is an information-sharing platform with public and private companies, so you are limited to small, tight-knit communities.

No of Usage: +200 million

Monetization Model: Premium features, subscriptions, advertising

Popularity: the U.S., Korea, India

Availability: Play Store and Apple Store

7. Cluster

In this age of socializing and networking, everyone’s primary concern is about online privacy. However, in this context, Cluster allows you to have some peace of sharing your life’s precious moments with only your loved ones or close ones.

Cluster – the latest social media app just entered the market and took the whole Western world by storm with its discreet nature functionality. It allows users to share images and videos like Instagram, but this sharing activity is limited to only friends and family.

Thus, Cluster users don’t have to worry about strangers or trolls criticizing their posts and ideas. This online privacy bubble created by Cluster makes it earn more users and resultantly become famous in the market. The feature that makes Cluster a photo-sharing app like Instagram is its grid-like interface.

Monetization Model: Sell photo books and personalized photos

Popularity: in the U.S., UK, Canada

Availability: Play Store and Apple Store

8. We Heart It

The app’s name defines it as an image-sharing app, but the application functions vary drastically from Instagram. The feature that makes the app different from others is the huge focus on positive and inspirational things.

You will find it all here if you get attracted to motivational quotes or portraying feelings. If you are looking for a glorious sunset picture, you will find it here. We Heart it – social sharing application emphasizes positive aspects of life and gives a refreshing feel from Instagram’s comparison-heavy culture.

The app’s fun does not end with pictures and words; you can also share GIFs and videos, adding more versatility to positive bubbles. You should know the fact that We Heart it’s users mainly comprise women.

No of Users: +15 million

Monetization Model: Advertising, subscription, transaction fee

Popularity: Germany, the U.S., China

Availability: Play Store and Apple Store


VSCO is the most popular social media app that allows users to capture high-quality professional photos when it comes to photography. The photo-sharing social app comprises powerful features, beautiful presets, impressive creative tools, and education data.

So, VSCO users can create, discover, and connect them to the company’s core connection of millions of users. Captions and hashtags are the main thing here that sets it apart from other photo-sharing giants.

Besides this, VSCO – the photo-sharing app like Instagram, also offers filters to improve image quality. VSCO camera filters are unique because they offer a “Tool kit” with many options in the app, like removing unwanted things to enhance skin tone, contrast, and clarity, presenting an overwhelming number of functionalities.

In addition to capturing images with different filters, you can also add makeovers to your camera roll and share them on other social media platforms.

No of Users: +100 million

Monetization Model: Paid filters, subscription

Popularity: Norway, Canada, the U.S.

Availability: Play Store and Apple Store

10. Facebook

Facebook is such an application that we all have it on our mobile phones, but some of us haven’t used it for a long time. Over the years, the tech giant has changed a lot to give tough competition in the market.

Facebook contains all the photo sharing and social networking features like Instagram. And these features are expected to improve in the future. This photo-sharing social media app incorporates a video calling feature for up to 50 people with its unique communication app – Facebook Messenger.

No of Users: +2.93 billion

Monetization Model: Advertising, paid sponsorships, subscriptions

Popularity: in the U.S., India, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines

Availability: Play Store and Apple Store

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are certain steps that can help you build an app similar to Instagram, which are:

  • Market research
  • Identify target audience
  • Define your budget and requirements
  • Consult a developing company
  • Hire developers
  • Test for bugs
  • Work on maintenance and upgrades

Most of the time, top-rated app developers are likely to use the Express framework for backend and Socket.io for messaging.

There are plenty of photo-sharing social media apps where you can like, share, comment, and edit your photos. Some of these apps include Flickr, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

According to the latest statistics on the number of users, the biggest competitors of Instagram apps are LinkedIn, Tumblr, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.


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