CEO Salman Aslam’s Vision About Clustox – A Force To Reckon

Clustox is not just a custom software development company but an institution with a vision to leave a positive impact in the world through the technology of tomorrow. Their mission is simple: help businesses grow through their solutions and improve with each instance of learning to be able to serve better in the future. The firm has been wading through challenges and always coming through since its inception in the year 2012. It will be a decade in a couple of years, but their unnerving determination and passion for delivering ingenious solutions have not let their zeal subdue even a bit.

Eight years and numerous successful projects later, neither the firm has shown less enthusiasm that they exhibited in their first project, nor have they lost their shine in the commitment and trust they’ve given to their clients. To better understand the positivity in their behavior, GoodFirms interviewed Salman Aslam, who is the CEO at Clustox, and what makes them come out as a winner after every challenge that they have taken.

During this interview, Salman revealed that while laying the foundation stone, “We came up with the idea of leaving a positive impact on the world of tech and business through our outstanding engineering.” Keeping this motto in their hearts and minds, Salman has not just been responsible for the overall management of the company but has served as a precursor, which is followed by innovation, resolve, and a guide anytime someone has come looking for an answer, whether business or an employee.

“As an organization, we believe in investing in our resources by providing training which not only helps us but also facilitates our customer to find skilled resources.” is what Salman had to say when asked about his approach towards learning. This way of life at Clustox has helped Salman as a CEO to cultivate more than 50 professionals well-versed in their niches.

It was even more interesting to gain insights from the CEO regarding the development phase. He said, and we quote, “We encourage our customer(s) to invest more in design and user experience as it gives clarity about requirements, eventually speeding up development time. It also helps us to estimate the cost of making the application better. Generally, it will take 5-12 weeks to build a mobile app if user stories are well drafted.” It intensifies here that how customer-centric their approach is and how market-ready they want their client to be when it comes to the finalized product. It comes as no surprise that Clustox is ranking among the top mobile app development companies in Pakistan listed at GoodFirms.

Arsalan Lodhi, the Founder, and CEO at WISRAN shared what makes Salman and his team stand out:

Their belief that trustful business relationships are premised on transparency, integrity, and certainty can be observed within their work culture. It is also a fact supported by the number of clients that prefer to work again with the firm. Serving many industries, Salman highlighted that, “As we are in business for seven years now, we have diversified our services to different industries including health care, agtech, fintech, edTech, marketplace, social media, and hospitality.

We have repetitive customers, and their percentage is 60%. The ratio of repetitive to new customers is 3:2.” Questioning to know about the types of businesses the firm likes to work with, Salman said, “We work with start-ups, small, and medium enterprises.

We mostly take projects that meet our basic budget requirements, as we have to manage the company’s in-house process expenditures. However, if there is some interesting that increases our horizons, then we’re open to negotiating with the clients.” which shows their keenness to serve irrespective of the business size. Their sincere intentions and unflinching focus undoubtedly make them praiseworthy and deserving of a coveted place amongst the GoodFirms record of best web development companies in Pakistan.

A Technical Consultant at Teradata UKI, Usman Naeem stated the reason behind Clustox’s success:

This interview throws light about the commitment, determination, and eagerness that echoes with Clustox’s mission, and you can further enlighten yourselves reading about their resolute nature in the complete interview as recorded at GoodFirms.

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