Checklist launching new apps

There are many things to think about when creating, designing and launching an app. New apps, unlike apps that are already in the store and only have to be updated, has to take into account all the details. To help you do not leave anything on the way we have prepared this ‘Checklist for launching your app’. Have a look!

Technical Preparation

Implement The Latest Version Of Android Or IOS

Take advantage of being the first version of your app to surprise the user. Implement all the newest features that have appeared on Android or iOS. This will also increase your chances of getting media and blog posts.

Use Version Control For Code

If you’re not already doing it, it’s time to start. It will be invaluable if, for example, you want to repair a critical bug for v1.0, but you are already working on v2.0 for a while.

Deep Linking Or Deep Binding

If you do not use this technique, your app will be isolated from the rest of the digital world. It is also one of the techniques to build ‘user-friendly’ experiences.

Customize Onboarding

The user coming through a deep link, and opening the application for the first time, should get to the content they are looking for. If on the contrary, it has downloaded through the stores, the experience should be different. Customize deep linking to offer unique experiences tailored to different users. This customization increases the registration rate in apps by up to 70%.

Configure Push Notifications

The push notifications are useful and equally dangerous. We must find a way to use them to retain users, but not to disturb all who have our app on their devices.

Implement Analytics In Your App

It’s very important that you know what’s going on with your app. What screens do users visit and which not? What metrics are interesting for your business model? etc. Define a powerful analytics strategy to get all the relevant information.

The Mobile Marketing Strategy

Discover And Test Competing Apps

More than 50,000 applications are released per month, and your goal for your mobile application is to stand out from the rest. For this, answer these questions: Are you really bringing value to your new app? Research well your competition, what can you emulate? What errors can you avoid with your app? etc.

Prepare The Way To Be Highlighted In Stores

Getting your app highlighted on the cover of iOS or Android stores can help you get a good amount of initial downloads. But there is a problem! Unfortunately the stores do not have advertising space on their home pages so to appear as outstanding we have to earn it. And you only have one chance, so… do not throw your app until it’s ready for real!

Implement ASO And Do SEO For Your App

Did you know that 95% of Internet experiences still start with search engines? SEO is vital for the web pages of mobile friendly companies. In the case of new apps it is also important to appear in traditional search engines. But we also have to work the specific positioning for apps: the ASO. Without it, it will be difficult for users to find you in stores.

Create Social Network Accounts For Your App

Be present in Social Networks, especially Facebook and Twitter, and manage them on a regular basis. Even before launching the app. You can present what your app will do and link potential users to your landing page.

Prepare A List Of Influencers And Bloggers In Your Sector

It is important to know the most relevant people in the apps and market sector that you work with. So you can contact them to tell them what your app is going to do and encourage them to try it out.

Prepare A Press Kit

Prepare a press kit with relevant information such as images, logos, explanatory texts, etc.

Pre-Launch New Apps

Beta Testing Program

Testers can help you detect usability errors, bugs, navigation problems, versions on different devices, etc. in the beta version of your app. That’s why it’s so important. We can anticipate changes to be made before launch. You can also become promoters or ambassadors for your app on the day of the definitive launch, and even get your first few reviews.

Test The Beta And Prototype With Potential Customers

Do not use only the testers. Do a test with potential customers, people who fit the exact profile of your client. This will give you a better idea of how customers are going to navigate and where you should improve the app.

Create A Landing Page

It is essential to be present in the network, not only in the stores. Prepare a landing page or landing page to start promoting your app even when you do not have it launched.

Find Your App

The global app market has much more potential than just a geographic zone. If you bet on a global app, make sure you have the versions for each country.

Check The Official Guides Before Sending Your App To The Stores

Before launching the mobile application and sending it to the stores, read the official guidelines of the Apple Store and Google Play. Make sure you follow the rules and guidelines that apply to each one.


Add A ‘Feedback’ Channel In Your App

A low score in stores will make your downloads and your visibility dwindle. To avoid bad reviews you can add functionality within your app to report complaints and suggestions from users.

Implement An Error Reporting Tool

Every time the app fails you should know. Implement an error reporting tool to fix these errors.

Create An Effective Testing Strategy

Nothing drives faster to failure than an app that closes and continually fails, and valued with a star in stores. Create a test strategy to be able to detect these failures before the users and solve them before launching.

Defines A Stream That Collects User Data. Objective: Improve Engagement

25% of users only open the app once. And the retention rate after 90 days after discharge does not exceed 14%. We must continuously analyze the interaction of users with our app to be able to define campaigns of re-engagement and loyalty to our users.

Use The Right Measurement And Loyalty Tools

And not just the right tools, the right metrics to know how your application is going and how we can improve.

Add Content Sharing Option

If your app has relevant content, you should give users the option to share them if they want.

Launch Day

Intensive Public Relations Tracking

It’s time to use that press kit and the list of industry contacts you’ve prepared in the mobile marketing strategy phase. Ideally, you’ll be back in touch – it’s best if you write them earlier – to let them know you’ve already launched the app. Send them a test or the beta version of the app so they can try it out.

Get At Least 5 Reviews Of ‘5 Stars’ As Fast As Possible

As we said before, getting as many positive reviews as possible on launch day is key. This is the only way to make the store stand out on your homepage. Visibility and organic downloads at the same time. Get at least 5 reviews with the highest score. You can use friends, family and contacts to achieve it.

Make Your First Users Feel Special

You can give some reward to your first coming users; it will help you in making them feel special. Thus you would be able to get them back into the app. You can give them messages of appreciation, discounts, content, etc.

Use Paid Ads To Give The App A Boost

Payout campaigns can be very expensive for continuous growth. But as an initial strategy to get an initial push, it may be indicated. You will gain visibility during the first few days to continue organic growth later.

Set Up Google Alerts With The Name Of Your App

This is an effective way to know who is talking about you, through what means they talk about you, etc.

Send The App To ‘Product Hunt’

Web Product Hunt is the best way to access all that mass of techies and experts in technology and apps. Remember that here you also have only one chance.

After The Launch

Prepare An App Update

Yes, you may think you do not need it, but the users prefer updated versions of apps and not the first versions of new apps.

Monitor Reviews, Opinions And Mentions To Your App

Through social networks, through Google Alerts, or any other medium. You must be aware of who has spoken to you and who continues to do so. It will allow you to detect through bad opinions what you should improve and thus improve your rating.

Promote Yourself With Video Ads

Video is one of the formats that generate more engagement. Take advantage of a video promotion.

Create A Referral Program

It will help you multiply growth if you do it right. Put your ‘Invite’ button well visible to get your users to recommend you and get you the new users.

Improves Latency And Performance

Users expect the app to work very fast and well. Try to improve load speed and app performance overall. This point is especially critical in mobile games.

Repeat All Of The Above

Even if you have succeeded in accomplishing these steps, your path does not end here. This is just the beginning. The launch of the app is done once, but the promotion must be continuous. So, are you ready?



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