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At Clustox, we believe in delivering exquisite software solutions to our clients by employing our knowledge and experience. Our knack of providing top-notch solutions to our clients has been noticed by one of the top ratings and review companies in the world, They have included us in their recent press release about the top software development companies of 2022 in the industry.

We would like to give the credit of this achievement to our team members who have worked hard to help us receive the accolade as one of the best custom software developers in the world today.

Customer Success Story

Clustox is proud to be associated with iCart which is a versatile SaaS-based project for errorless logistics operations. We deployed a team of three members for a period of three months and built the solution for iOS, AWS, and RoR platforms. The challenge was to establish communication between different portions of the system because there was no single protocol for communication. While establishing communication we have to ensure that we used secure protocols as the information was sensitive. Before this application was developed, the process of placing an order was very long and there were multiple steps involved in it. Our developers had to optimize the process and make it user-friendly. Our real challenge was user training system, as the system was entirely a new concept to be implemented as compared to the other already deployed systems in the logistics industry.

Our team overcame all the challenges and built an application that has now 3000+ paid users. We encourage you to visit our case studies section to know in detail how we have helped our customers from different niche and industries to achieve success.

When you visit Clustox’s profile on, you will find many interesting details like our industry, service and client focus. You will also find there that we have a 25% focus on web and software development, one of the prime reasons why we are considered among the leading software development firms in the IT industry.

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