Electronic Point Of Sale – Penetrating The Payment Solutions Business

Expanding our expertise, we – the Clustox family – feel great to share with you, our new work domain i.e., Payment solutions. We recently penetrated this industry by providing the Payment solution to a well-reputed company that helps small businesses to use EPOS software just as the big giant setups. During recent years we have seen EPOS technology improve melodramatically. These overpowering systems are fixated on transactions, catalog handling, and cash managing. Here are some details of what we did for our client and how the system works. Keep on reading to understand the details.

What Is EPOS?

An electronic point of sale (EPOS) system links back-office and shop-floor processes to generate an efficient retail management system. This authoritative marriage of hardware and software is the whole thing on the principle that all the retail business’ operations are intertwined — from processing buyer transactions to marketing inventiveness. However, the latest adaptations do so much on top. And as they distribute competencies in more than a few areas of a retail company, they are perfect for small industries that need to tab for every single penny. Whether you want an EPOS system into your business or require an elevation, know that EPOS is something that can offer benefits.

Benefits Of An EPOS System?

We understand the requirements of enterprises and large-scale companies and are happy to get them on the road to digital transformation. Leverage our technical and industry-explicit expertise to plan, develop, and scale your modern enterprise solution. Our convention enterprise application development services are a remarkable fit for industries that need contemporary technologies to course their businesses. Let’s just be honest here. The latest technology offers a lot of perks and benefits. And here are a few selective benefits of adding an EPOS to your organization:

    • Accept cards to let your customers have the privilege
    • Improve Customer Experience
    • Fast, efficient, and reliable technology
    • Inventory Management
    • Comprehensive Sales Analysis Reports
    • Competent Labour Management
    • Accounting Integration
    • Specific Cash Management
    • Digital Slips
    • Advertising Opportunities

How An EPOS Can Help You?

A great deal of retail and cookery businesses are nowadays assembling email addresses straight from their clients. EPOS systems let you get email addresses, mailing addresses, and mobile numbers on cash records, computer VDUs and mobile expedients. This initiates a respected marketing catalog you can use to support new products and distinct suggestions. The normal EPOS system can store enormous sums of data on the spending behaviors of your customers. You can source this information to generate directed advertising ideas you know will influence the right individuals. Let’s say, you can propose the right stimulus to a customer, built on their earlier buying behaviors. And you’ll see just who might be interested in buying or purchasing your newest products and distinct offers.

Businesses And EPOS And How It Is Transforming

A growing number of businesses are uniting their EPOS systems to their CRM software. Analyzing sales data and consumer habits is an important part of developing marketing tactics, so it makes it logical to hitch them together in this method. This method is critical for comparatively small businesses that find in-house publicizing a test, as it tears the budgets of production, postage, and resources. Your EPOS can be the propelling force behind all your advertising exertions. Up-to-date EPOS technology can nowadays show the in-store elevation at the goal of acquisition. HD screens transmit HD records and snapshots of merchandise and extended entities — flawless for instigating propulsion procurements at cash records. There’s additionally the option of producing an extra income stream via third-party P.R. for local industries in several sectors for your business.

Gain The Recompences Of An Advanced EPOS System Can Provide

EPOS systems are seldom accepted off the hook. They are custom-made to the precise requirements of the business in question. Whether they use old-style registers, mobile gadgets, or a pattern of the two, they can be modified to meet any category of any form of customer-facing company. Our professionals not only hustle up the development procedure but also present you with quality resources. No matter how complex a solution, project, or development is – we’ll offer you the most leading, ascendable, and customizable EPOS solutions to address your business requirements.

Overview Of The Project

Our project of developing a payment processing solution is unique as it lets businesses process payments using mobile devices. To make that possible, we created a third-party API that could communicate between the mobile devices and some highly reliable card reader terminal models, used with most EPOS solutions across the globe.
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How We Made It Possible And What Can The Solution Do?

We implemented our client-specific protocol, to communicate with their card reader terminal, over TCP/IP. Our well-documented API provides non-blocking methods, to perform transactions and get reports from the terminal via callbacks. Integration with our API is made easy by accompanying integration guides, for both Android and iOS. Each API has an associated callback method to provide the extracted data from receipts and reports, received from Card Readers, thus providing a fluent, non-blocking user experience. Here is exactly what we made possible through our software:

Before Implementing Software

After Implementing Software

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Clustox – Your Partner For Digital Transformation

If you’re planning to develop a large-scale technology alteration, consider Clustox as your technology regiment. We’ll inspect your present systems and propose the most cost-operative choice. Together, we’ll contrive modifications and accomplish your digital transformation purposes. As of now, we are a globally renowned tech partner. And, well-known setups use our software for ensuring the beat of the digital set up of requirements. If you also need any assistance in acquiring the E-Commerce solution, connect with us as our team will be more than happy to help you out.

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