10 Most Famous Ruby on Rails Apps and Sites

Whether it is about web development or any type of app development, Ruby on Rails seems to be the star of the software industry these days. Its convenient and easy-to-use framework is helping a lot of leading businesses to create miscellaneous websites.

The primary reason behind the Yearsgrowing popularity of language and framework is that it provides all types of integrations that suit the requirements of any given project. There is also a considerable library of gems available through which you can choose your needed modules, controllers, views, etc.

In addition to that, it also comes with a flexible development procedure. This process turns out to be quite beneficial in dramatically increasing the entire thing’s speed. This can help to make sure to meet all the needs of the potential prospects without having to get into much hassle.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Thinking of opting for RoR for your next big release? Then congratulations, you have made the wisest decision of your life. Ruby is an object-oriented programming language, and Rail is a framework with utilities to make development easier.

So Ruby on Rails is a framework to help with the development of applications with ease and efficiency. Initially, when RoR entered the development world in 2005, it provided a fresh approach to creating and building great web applications without even having to get into much hassle.

The best part about this amazing programming language is that it is excellent to keep up with the pace, needs, and technology changes of most developers. Each year and every new update has undoubtedly solidified its place in the market.

Here is an overview of the usage of RoR by developers over the years.

Here is an overview of industries that are using Ruby on Rails for website development:

Less than 1 year4%
1-3 years15%
4-6 years26%
7-9 years22%
10-13 years22%
13+ years11%

Types of Ruby on Rails Projects

Here are some of the most common types of RoR projects:

  • Stock Exchange Platforms
  • E-commerce sites
  • Social Networks
  • Information Portals
  • SaaS Solutions
  • Non-standard Complex Projects

Key Characteristics of Ruby on Rails Websites

Unlike other popular development languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, etc., RoR covers both backend as well as frontend. This enables developers to create a complete web application from start to end.

Its unique experience includes some of these prominent characteristics:

  • Simple Programming Experience
  • Active Records
  • Easy Testing Tool
  • MVC Architecture
  • Automated Deployment

Here is also a change in ratings of some of the other popular programming languages compared to RoR.

Programming LanguagesRatingsChange

Benefits of Ruby App Development

Here are some of the top benefits of RoR app development:

  • Test Automation
  • Large Community
  • Code Quality
  • Responsible Developers
  • Next Generation
  • Popularity in the Valley
  • High Performance

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Cost Estimation to Create Ruby on Rails App

Here is a cost estimation according to services:

Services Cost
Site building$5,000-$10,000
Testing automation$1,000-$6,000
Blog or social network creation$6,000-$15,000
Maintenance services$500-$1,000 (per month)
Migrating database$2,000-$5,000
Creating e-commerce app$9,000-$11,000
Integrating a custom CMS$2,000-$10,000

Also, the regions from which you might hire developers for your RoR web application development also have an impact on your costs, such as:

Region Costs (per hour)

Market Review

Currently, with over 33980 active users of this platform, it gives around 29.06% share in the software market. Whether it is about its amazing architecture, latest features, or easy-to-use framework, Ruby on Rails is leading the industry in many ways.

Here are also some of the top companies that have started using an RoR framework for their web applications nowadays:

CustomersEmployee RangeRegion
The University of Texas At Austi10,000+Texas
Honeywell10,000+New Jersey
Accenture10,000+ Illinois

ROR Updates in 2022

Since its launch in 2004, a number of different intelligent solutions and upgrades have been added to this platform to date. This has undoubtedly allowed developers to come up with better software solutions and add smart features to web applications.

Considering this fact, here are some of the updates made in the latest version of Ruby on Rails in 2022:

Date of ReleaseVersion Update
January 67.0.1
February 87.0.2
February,,, and
March,,, and
March 106.1.5
March 115.2.7
April,,, and
May 97.0.3, 6.1.6, 6.0.5, and 5.2.8
July,,, and

What are Popular Ruby on Rails Apps

Plenty of top-performing web applications are built using Ruby on Rails. The smart and tech-savvy development language and framework have allowed them to add unique features and enhance the site user engagement. Read more below to find out:

1. Github

Github (formerly known as Logical Awesome LLC) is the largest Repository Hosting Service with more than 20 million users and more than 57 million repositories.
This easy-to-use and mature website is built using Ruby on Rails. GitHub is the most renowned platform with developers and coders, catering to all their coding and development needs.

Github Built with Ruby on Rails

Revenue: $7.5 billion

Invention Date: April 10, 2008

No of Users: 83 Million

2. Airbnb

The title Airbnb means “Airbed and breakfast” and projects the history of this online hotel reservation site. A site to connect hosts and travelers across the globe is also a popular Ruby on Rails mobile app. You can reserve a room, hotel, or even a camp on the ground. Airbnb is catering to more than 800,000 offers in 190 countries.

Airbnb Built with Ruby on Rails

Revenue: $70 billion

Invention Date: August 2008

No of Users: 2.9 million

3. Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. The complex task of serving millions of customers’ requests from across the globe is made possible due to the Ruby on Rails architecture of the website.
Shopify is powering more than 21,000 online stores, including small businesses to top guns such as 50 Cent, Angry Birds, and the Foo Fighters.

Shopify Built with Ruby on Rails

Revenue: $13.34 billion

Invention Date: 2006

No of Users: +37 million

4. Hulu

Hulu is the best-known platform for watching your favorite shows and movies. After 10 months of its launch, Hulu gained the title of the 6th best site for online video viewing. It has 227 million videos, with a 2% share of all videos.

Hulu Built with Ruby on Rails

Revenue: $3.7 billion

Invention Date: October 29, 2007

No of Users: 99.7 million

5. Dribbble

If you are a talented designer, then Dribble has got your back. Being set up in 2009 using the Ruby on Rails framework, Dribble is an attractive platform for all kinds of designers, such as web designers, logo designers, graphic designers, and illustrators. Dribble is the hub of art and design.

Revenue: $1-5 million

Invention Date: March 2010

No of Users: 3-6 million

6. Fiverr

Fiverr is a vast network of freelancers offering their prestigious services in various fields, from programming to design, from arts to mathematics, development to maintenance, and writing to proofreading. All services are offered under one platform. You can also hire someone to get your projects done from anywhere in the world.

Revenue: $298 million

Invention Date: February 1, 2010

No of Users: 3.42 million

7. Funny Or Die

It was released in 2007, and its first video earned 84 million views. Yes, you got it right pals!!! Funny or Die is a website where you can only find funny content; if it is not funny, it has to die. But one big question is, “Who decides what is funny”? Well, users’ voting plays a vital role in this regard. One notable feature of this funny video site is the Celebrities category. Here you can find funny videos with your favorite celebs.

Revenue: $55.2 million (annually)

Invention Date: April 12, 2007

No of Users: 10 billion

8. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is built using Ruby on Rails and is one of the commercial giants these days. It offers various attractive features such as uploading podcasts, a collection of millions of songs from across the globe, building a blog, a library of liked audio tracks, and many more.

Revenue: +$550 million

Invention Date: October 2008

No of Users: +76 million

9. Basecamp

BaseCamp is one of the most extensive project management services. Being built on Ruby on Rails, it offers diverse functionalities from project planning to organization, from project monitoring to scheduling, from delegation tasks to document management.

Revenue: +$11 billion

Invention Date: 1999

No of Users: 16 million

10. Kickstarter

This platform helps to put an idea into action. It attracts many investors to fund creative and unique ideas. It is a hub for different people to have ideas about the different spheres of life. Being launched in 2009, Kickstarter helped many new ideas to nourish and flourish, such as Exploding Kittens, Coolest Cooler, Pebble Time, etc.

Revenue: +$113.8 million

Invention Date: April 28, 2009

No of Users: +21 million

Final Takeout

To sum it all up, RoR is an extremely popular framework due to its smart features, reliability, and a variety of development options. Whether it is about huge enterprises or small startups, almost every company can relate with this language.
It can not only help you build fast-paced apps, but can also turn out to be quite beneficial in letting you lead your respective niche.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rails is still one of the most popular programming languages and framework used by a vast number of popular apps including Netflix.

Since the future of any technology depends on its potential, RoR seems to be a strong player. It has made its place among the top 10 programming languages till now.

Both are excellent programming languages and have their own perks. For better understanding, Python is great for big data. While on the other hand, Ruby on Rails is a fantastic choice for high traffic apps.

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