Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App in 2023?

Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App in 2023?

If you are here reading this blog, there are fair chances that you own a business or are planning to start a new tech business in the future. From a business point of view, one of the most important steps of success is to “go where the customers are.” Since people of all ages are on their smartphones, it only makes sense that appearance on mobile devices is where you need to be. How dominant is mobile technology in our lives? It is stated that by 2022, there will be over 5 billion smartphones in use worldwide. Despite, dominancy of mobile app development trends, many business owners still believe that having a website or social media page is enough to attract customers – that isn’t true anymore. Today, mobile apps are the only potent marketing tools for both large and small businesses. Yet, some might think that developing a mobile app is a way too expensive and unnecessary investment, but it can help drive sales even more than traditional advertising.

If you are now planning to build a mobile app for your business and want to reach more customers than ever before, then a mobile app development company is just what you need. But do you know how a mobile app helps your business? It is time to take a look at five reasons why your business needs an app in 2022.

First, Ask These 10 Questions About Do Really Your Business Needs A Mobile App?

Before reading out the reasons that will convince you to build a mobile app for your business, read out the questions below before starting your app development journey.

  • Are you planning to develop a mobile app because of “FOMO- fear of missing out”?
  • Will it be significantly different from an optimized website?
  • Can internal apps make you more competitive?
  • What will encourage daily interaction within your app activities?
  • Web App Vs. Mobile App – What would be better for you?
  • What is your primary interaction preference with customers; face-to-face or online tracking?
  • What is the end user’s context?
  • Will a mobile app extend your selling workflow?
  • Can this problem be solved with any other alternative rather than a mobile app?
  • Does your business already provide a valuable online experience?

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

1. Makes Brand Promotion for Business

On average, a person spends nearly three to four hours on their mobile phones every day. And from this time spent on mobile phones every day, they explore the installed apps most of the time. While using apps, they’ll notice brand logos or images that speak a lot to them. However, if users come across a certain app multiple times in a day with no variation, they might find themselves recognizing it almost by instinct.

So, if you want your brand to stick to your customer’s minds, they should come across it more often. There are different ways of doing this. One way to accomplish this is by installing a mobile app that consistently displays your logo or brand name. It helps customers to remember who you are and what your company is associated with. Thus, a mobile app offers business brand awareness and engagement. Moreover, through this regular interaction, you are fostering trust.

2. Helps in Reaching and Engaging Customers

Having a mobile app for your business and not engaging customers will make the app totally useless. The “love affair” between the users and their smartphones gives the business an excellent opportunity to leverage the relationship. It is an experienced fact that engaging customers and building a loyal base of repeat buyers are essential for a company’s success.

Thus, integrating a loyalty program into your mobile app can prove to be an invaluable tool for increasing your customer retention and profitability. So, to keep your customers back to your app, you should offer users exclusive offers, promotions, and bonuses. Furthermore, here are a few tips on how you can engage your loyal customers via a mobile app.

  • Exclusive Deals: Let it be a discount or a contest allowing them priority status for particular services can make your business visible to a wider audience ratio.
  • Make it Personal: It is recommended that people get attracted to areas where they see their name written. So, it is worthwhile to collect information about your customer to create special offers and give product suggestions that will truly attract them.
  • Make User App Experience Fun: Integrating games, videos, or augmented reality is a unique way to stand out from other typical apps in the market. For instance, if you have a sporting goods company, create a tennis game or a hair salon that allows them to upload images and try new styles.
  • Make It Easy for Them to Find Something: Integrate maps of your physical location, add a search bar to allow users to find products easily, let users keep track of their order, etc. all such features will keep your customers loyal for a longer time.

3. Increase your Targeted Audience

Another important reason why your business needs a mobile app is to increase the target audience. With a reliable mobile app, you can reach people that your product or services are intended for. The more you grow your audience, the more you enjoy business success by using tools and channels that target the right place and people.

There are plenty of mobile app development companies that build mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Having an optimized app for iOS and Android is just another way to ensure no mobile user is left untouched. Here is a couple of things you need to know for audience targeting:

  • App Store Optimization: Nearly 65% of users will find your business mobile app through an app store search. For making sure you are visible in app stores, implement a result-driven ASO strategy and make sure your app features are visible to your customers.
  • Ads: Some may get through your app from Apple Search Ads and Google UAC. So, you can increase your app visibility to your users on Apple App Store and Google Play Store by bidding on high scored keywords and targeting relevant audiences.

4. Increases Business Sales

Today, the mobile app development trend is not a luxury anymore but a necessity for businesses as it has a proven track record of increasing sales. According to INFORMS, it is reported that app users make 33% of online purchases more frequently, and they spend 37% more on online purchases than non-app users over 18 months after an app launch. Thus, developing a mobile app with an appealing user interface is essential to engage and compel users to make purchases. Moreover, experts state that consumers often respond to intuitive design that offers a smooth, quick, and easy experience. Here are some key features to focus on while developing your mobile app for business.

  • Simplicity
  • Fast Loading Time
  • In-App Payment Gateway Integration

5. Increase in Valuable Business Analytics

Customers are greatly convinced with your app when they get a hassle-free experience through it. This helps businesses to gather data about the users and their interests. By their clicks on products and searching activity through the app, we can understand their major areas of interest and what they are looking for. In addition to getting knowledge about their interests, you will also get to know where improvements are required and what new things should be added.

Now, there are such advanced mobile apps developed that are able to collect valuable information for further analysis. This analysis includes; what product categories do most people prefer when shopping in-store or online? How often do users visit websites and apps for shopping? What is the average order size of customers when checked out? And what searching filters they use most frequently; price tag, product rating, etc.

Therefore, the best way to improve your customer app experience is to understand the needs and interests of customers. So, keeping track of how users interact with your app can improve understanding of the customer’s mind. Hence, it is said that understanding customers will be key for any business venture!

Summing Up:

Thus, the mobile app market offers a valuable opportunity for businesses to drive business growth and increase revenue. However, if you succeed in building out an absolute mobile app, the truth lies in the fact that it is all ruined if you’re not getting any traffic to it. Consequently, businesses taking the initiative of investing in mobile app development should take much time to develop a solid promotional strategy and ensure high success.

So, what are you waiting for to invest in mobile app development for your business? Clustox’s specialists with years of experience in helping businesses build a successful mobile app also have a lot to bring to your table. Schedule an appointment with our Tech Consultants to gather all valid reasons about why your business needs a mobile app in 2022.

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