That’s it! There are lots of Mobile technologies that have gained all the poles of the organization, from the administration to CSR and production. Although smartphones were initially feared to be a waste of time and a source of deconcentration, many organizations today testify to the remarkable efficiency gains achieved with mobile phones. An app not only helps in boosting the business productivity but it also improves your brand image and gives it an innovative facet.

It Is Possible To Create An Enterprise Application For Any Need

Internal communication, project management or prospecting on the go… Each identified need can be a good inspiration to create a mobile application. We insist on the “enterprise” aspect here, but associations and public bodies can also benefit from the mobile boom.

Why Create A Business Application? Examples Of Uses.

Mobile development can provide a solution for every need of your business. It’s up to you to see what your goals are. However, there are a few examples of how mobile applications can be used within companies so that you can learn from them.

Facilitating administrative and financial management

Invoices, contracts, payslips … With a mobile application, your company can save a lot of paper, time and space. If you have just launched your activity, storing all the documentation that it is “mandatory to keep” is not a problem yet, but can you say the same thing in a few years?

An enterprise application will allow you to keep all documents, manage pay slips or send invoices to customers. To do this, you will need only one tool: your smartphone. You will also be able to keep an eye on your shipments, such as letters and parcels. The recipient will only have to file a digital signature upon receipt of the shipment for you to be immediately notified.

Maintain and improve customer relations

A mobile application offers comfort to customers. Any example? Everybody would be happy to get a coupon, but getting it back in their personal space from a computer is a real obstacle course. You have to go to the website, enter your password (in many cases, retrieve it before), then print the voucher to finally be able to use it. The smartphone is more personal than the computer. A touch on the application icon is enough to find itself in its client space… and this from anywhere. There is also another advantage that we cannot forget: thanks to push notifications, the customer will certainly not forget you.

Large stores such as Carrefour have already had their catalogs of products available on mobile phones for many years. By connecting to their personal space, the customer can see the items available, buy them and have them delivered to the house. Some brands do not allow to make purchases from the application, but they use it as a showcase… In the forgotten paper catalogs!

Facilitating internal communication

A messaging application for employees? You’re going to ask me what to do. There are WhatsApp, Hangouts or Slack. Yet, Clustox has worked with many companies who prefer to create their own application of this type. It is a less restrictive form of communication than the phone, and more accessible than email, especially during travel or events… Unlike WhatsApp, Slack or Hangouts, it will be the official application of your company intended for the ” Employees, in the same way as the email box. You will not have to convince the “resistant to digital technologies” to download and use it. Also, you will be more confident in the security of exchanges through the internal channels of your business.

Have a commercial presentation anytime and anywhere

A commercial presentation-type mobile application makes it easy for salespeople to work. Instead of bringing the laptop or the printed presentation, they can go and see a tablet or a smartphone by hand.

Before finishing this article, it is important to emphasize one thing: a business application can help you improve your teams’ productivity, but that does not mean that YOUR company absolutely needs to have one. Mobile development requires a significant investment in terms of money and time.
Do not forget that once your application is ready, you will need a developer to do the maintenance. Analyze the needs of your organization, ask yourself what aspects of your business you would like to improve, and how a mobile application could help you. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to tell us. We are happy to advise you.


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