How Much Does It Cost To Develop Location-Based Social Apps?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Location-Based Social Apps?

Today we will talk about location-based social app development, its types, features, and costs. The composite annual growth proportion is 28 percent (CAGR), the location-based services marketplace is predicted to triumph $80 billion by 2023. For businesspersons these days, the matter concerning location-based app development produces a lot more intellect. Owing to the rising popularity of on-demand budget services and fleet administration, location-based apps will certainly become an obligation, mainly throughout and subsequently the worldwide lockdown in 2020. Applications, like Lyft, Facebook, Tinder, Airbnb, Food Delivery, Transportation Apps – all use geolocation. But what tools are cast-off by location-based handlers, and why are they depleted? What steps do you take to reckon a great geolocation app? We’ll go over the whole thing in this guide, from geolocation machinery to location-based social app development and the software below.

LBS – Location-Based Term Meaning

Rendering to Wikipedia, a location-based service (LBS) is a universal term signifying software services that apply terrestrial data and info to provide facilities or statistics to handlers. LBS can be cast-off in a variety of settings, such as well-being, interior object exploration, entertainment, job, individual life, etc. Normally used instances of location-based services consist of direction-finding software, social interacting services, location-based marketing, and tracking techniques. LBS can also consist of mobile business when acquiring the arrangement of coupons or marketing focused on customers based on their present location. They consist of personalized meteorological conditions and even location-based sports as well.

The Trend Of Present-Day Users

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, and location-based apps are a dynamic tool for localizing somebody, a place, or a nearby service. Wi-Fi, cell tower data, and satellite TV/GPS are all depleted to direct location info to these apps. In cooperation, smartphones originate with built-in GPS, which can be developed via Wi-Fi or a mobile system. You have to use location services’ APIs and charts when making location-based social mobile apps. They also consist of information about objects in their instantaneous locality, as well as related tips, suitable facts, instructions, and evocations for a location or service. Equally, the iOS and Android structures partake in their location-based APIs, and Google Maps is the elite location-based software program. That’s because it turns well on Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone, showcasing immaculate cross-platform competencies.

Why The Use Of Geolocation Services Is Important?

The trio-based dimensional data around your device’s location is specified as geolocation. It may be a smartphone in a line on iOS or Android platform, a precision tracker, or a set up with a GPS or a Wi-Fi system (equal to IoT gadgets). This is because location-based amenities do not frequently hang on GPS and other satellite broadcasting structures. For instance, data around the location of cellular system stations (GSM or UMTS, or any other) or Wi-Fi contact outlets may be depleted to regulate the location of a mobile phone device. Adjacent with the below stated tailored services or else as it is third-party apps backing:

  • Location pursuers (Waze, Glympse, Google Maps)
  • Social systems, messengers (Facebook, WhatsApp)
  • Dating applications (Tinder, OkCupid)
  • Fitness apps with GPS direction tracking (Nike Running Club, MyFitnessPal)
  • On-demand delivery apps (Uber, UberEATS, Zomato)
  • Travel applications (Expedia, TripAdvisor, Booking)
  • Weather apps (Accuweather)
  • Photo location tracker apps (Google Photos, Explorest)

Take Note Of The Key Features Of Location-Based Social Apps

A few of the noteworthy location-based social apps are already in your usage. And if not all – we’re sure you like to enjoy a few of them. Here is a list of some top-notch location-based social apps, and these are:

  • BrightKite
  • Citysense
  • GyPSii
  • MobiLuck
  • Loopt
  • Plazes
  • Whrrl
  • iPling

Our experts can support you with the unique development of your application. Get in touch with us to get a free preliminary consultation concerning your project and its estimate in rapports of expenditure, timeline, and required technical aptitude. Underneath are specific key features that are a must-have for building your application. And, these are:

  • Managers mark themselves and disclose their site with others (like revealing your location in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger)
  • Apps compute the space between stuff (for instance, Google Maps locates your location and shows the adjacent point-of-interest that you seek).
  • In-app maps produce the most well-organized routes from one site to alternative (Uber/Grab/Google Maps displays the quickest roads to the last stop).

Trends Of Location-Based Applications

Initially, you need to know why folks use location-based apps in the first place? Rendering to a Statista review, 65 in each hundred supposed it was for climate services when inquired. About 38 percent said they like to use them for networking, some 16 percent said that they used them for getting the latest news, and the remaining 18 percent of folks- especially youngsters use them for geolocation, photo, and video services. It’s no wonder that GPS data technology allows certain advantages to developers to create amazing experiences and also enhance certain industries and niches. Thus, advertisers are so attentive to advertise with a geolocation set up. As per a survey of Statista, 67 out of a hundred marketing experts in the United States operate GPS data for directing, and 52 per hundred sources it to engrave consumer interfaces. The mandate for location-sensitive apps has been nurtured due to the several openings for pursued advertising and personalization. These apps keep track of their users’ whereabouts and display relevant content involved with the latest information. Weather apps that consist of predictions established on a user’s location, eatery apps, spending apps, and so on are such models.

Advantages Of Developing Location-Based Applications

On the whole, location-based apps hold numerous benefits, oscillating from data assemblage and assessment to the development of new user occurrences. When industrialized, location-based software can support with one or more of the subsequent:

1. They’re The Best Source Of Information

Users can get info about their site, nearby stuff, or the finest route to the last stop with a GPS- supported app. The Fastmall app, for instance, offers shoppers a synergistic map that consists of shops, lavatories, eateries, and parking places. Through only some clicks, the location facility can similarly help operators locate an infant pushchair.

2. Enhance Your Social Interaction Components

Friends, family affiliates, and other handlers can enjoy GPS apps to perceive where they can connect. This can similarly be expanded to help fine down assemblages of social media consumers, such as experts, who are considering work or need to connect with other experts in their zone. Hire a Hero is an outstanding specimen of this attribute.

3. Help And Support In General Communication

Users can jot a location on a map or consent to feedback about a commercial and reveal it with others utilizing GPS location apps. They also allow you to geotag your pictures and captures. If you’re thinking of building a GPS app that lets users find interesting sites, don’t oversee the messaging characteristics. GPS dexterity is depleted by the bed and breakfast and rental apps for example and Airbnb to allow customers to share their happenings.

4. Users Get Insights Direct From The Market

Geolocation implements the collection of info about users’ spots and, thus, the formation of user-adjusted ads. Starbucks’ Happy Hour movement is a strong example of this act in action. Starbucks directs customized signals when a 50 in a hundred subtract in the connecting store drives into upshot. This lets people use the app to make orders.

5. Add Next-Gen Experience With Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go and supplementary location-based sports have now become popular preferences these years, they established that GPS expansion is an upright bout for augmented reality and applications that know how to make use of it.

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Technologies You Need To Enable Geolocation Functionality

Let’s begin with the essential principle before shifting on to the technical characteristics of location-based social app development. With the support of a mobile device’s operating system, location-based applications produce a linkage with satellite broadcasting. The OS offers statistics about the present structure site to the application. It outlines the form of a moving article or person by compiling and handling the data in real-time. Rendering to Statista, approximately 50% of the community from teenagers to sixty-plus use location-based apps for any type of travel requirements within the U.S., alone.

GPS & Its Benefits

All of the brand-new smartphones contain a chip that lets users associate with the Global Positioning System (GPS). This supports devices to analyze their current location with a 60-foot exactness. GPS requires data from no less than three satellites to fulfill this task. Owing to the accessibility of GPS sustenance on smartphones, this process of geo-position tracking is a hot trend as well. GPS has become the main subject as we discover how to build a location-based social app with our customers due to its extensive fame and exactness. The location is computed exactly, as it is an important aspect of any location-based app. Furthermore, it has to function properly as well. As GPS receivers are spot-on P.As. in regulating the user’s position (even if we’re splitting with elevation directly above sea level), the exactness of the outcome will be elevated if the spots are agreeable.

Cons Of GPS

Battery life is abridged. Even if developers are working hard to increase the GPS’s power, the device’s battery life is still at a lesser standstill. Inadequate dependability. Any system can break down, but the feat and effectiveness of GPS receivers are extremely reliant on the mobile device’s contact with circling satellites (and several peripheral factors can disturb this course). Atmospheric surroundings and numerous difficulties have an outcome. Bulky signal variations may be triggered by geomagnetic gales, tall foliage, or tall constructions in the area.

Cell ID

One more technology, Cell ID, is a less communal selection due to deprived exposure outdoors of focal metropolises. With the provision of cell towers, Cell ID adopts location. The structure relates the towers to which a CPU is connected to the record of all neighboring posts. The exactness is not as decent as GPS. Nevertheless, when it originates to main cities, the locating tactic is an exceptional option. The fusion is self-governing of the GPS signal’s facility and accessibility. The solitary drawback in some cases is that location accuracy is just a small number of hundred cadences.

What About A-GPS (Abetted GPS)?

This expertise includes two of the expertise – GPS and Cell ID – to deliver a higher gradation of exactness with either the Cell ID or GPS setup alone. Deliberate A-GPS if you’re vexing to form out how to produce a GPS app with location accuracy. The user site can be established speedily. Consideration of “problem zones” has amplified (for example slumps, passageways, solid woodlands, etc.). Drawbacks twitch with the battery power feasting being low-slung. Roughly A-GPS features are of individual users when you’re in a cellular exposure zone, and they’re unserviceable when you’re not. Expenditures have enlarged. The A-GPS mixture grips a small amount of circulation when it initially starts up; nevertheless, there is a possibility that an indication will be lost, requiring re- coordination. It involves supplementary charges, specifically when roaming.

Want To Build An App?

Contact us for a free discussion on Software Development and you will get all the intuitions from our expert technical perceptions. Our Developers will guide you on the best methods for the development process, in addition to a rough estimation of your project concept total.

Insignificant Wi-Fi Coverage

Wi-Fi, in contrast to the Cell ID, refuges a smaller scope, letting the technology be extra accurate. Wi-Fi can be depleted to compute location in two distinctive fashions. With the help of Wi-Fi intersections, the RSSI method (received signal intensity indication) traces a user. The gesture drops as a structure switches away from this feature. This trait might be beneficial for urban-based location-based social applications.

Don’t Miss Out On Geo-fencing

This structure is built on GPS, which regulates how close a user is to a precise location. In the P.R. world geofencing is normally used to mark users with precise ads and pacts. Nevertheless, the choice of possible applications is much broader, and geofencing is an answer for proposing a more tailored shopping involvement. Triggers subsist handled in geofencing in trio customs:

  • Static trigger’s serve when a user goes to a specific site;
  • Dynamic triggers screen the location and acquiesce signals created on fluctuations in the location, such as when a car parks space is accessible when a user drives by;
  • Combined triggers syndicate the above mentioned

Use iBeacon And Eddystone As Well

Apple and Google industrialized iBeacon and Eddystone, correspondingly. All of these technologies use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. Merely when a person is outside their influence can they direct triggers to a CPU. iBeacon and Eddystone are recognized for their location exactness. These two novelties will be a well-intentioned add-on to the essential features if you need to build a location-based social app for precise indoor course-plotting. For any location-based application, AR functionality is a discretionary feature that supports differentiating your invention from the race.

Understand Location-based App Development Process

Now let’s dive in to begin developing your location-based app from scratch. After all the details we shared above, the next phases are the ones that will determine your app, and how it is used. Let’s look at a swift list of the location-based app development procedure, which consists of all the steps entailed to produce a lucrative mobile app:

  • Survey of the market and competitor study
  • Pursue expert association for technical support
  • Prototyping is imperative
  • Mobile app plan with GPS geolocation
  • UX/UI strategy with an acute sense of style
  • Build a simple, easy-to-understand, and spontaneous design.
  • The encrypting process is an indispensable portion of the geolocation app creation method.
  • Engage iOS, Android, and web developers
  • Not ever oversee the testing phase
  • App Release needs to be done above all

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Location-Based Social App?

Did you know that you can easily transform your location-based social app into a confident establishment with a high-level ROI stance? Thus, starting by assessing your initial outlay is the first step in answering this question. To instigate, several factors impact the cost of developing a reliable location-based social app:

  • The number of characteristics and their intricacy,
  • Determine which platforms you wish to liberate your app on,
  • List up your tech stack,
  • Software Development Business Location,
  • Developer building the GPS softwares’ hourly rate,
  • The complexity of the app’s enterprise,
  • The target channels are very crucial,
  • Your app will route on Android, iOS, or both platforms at the same time,
  • Might need a web form or be specified as a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Pricing Slings On The Intricacy

The cost will depend on the time your team will fill on every stage and their hourly price. In this regard, it is logical to look for an offshore outsourcing development team. The hourly charges within an offshore setup remain wallet-friendly. For instance, the usual rate of a software program developer is 20 to 30 USD for every 60 minutes. If you’re speculative on how to build a GPS triangulation app for Android & IOS, the MVP location-based app will amount to around $60,000. A full-established product with more multifaceted app traits would price around $150,000+ and engage 4 to 9 calendar months to mature.

App Development Process & PhasesPhase Types In DescriptionRelated Cost Range
Strategy BuildingOutline strategy of converting app idea into a functioning mobile app

Identifying the app users

Researching on competition

Define app goals and objectives.
$160 – $240
Analysis and PlanningDefine use cases and capture detailed functional requirements of the app

Identify and analyze all the possible functional requirements of the app

Create an app development roadmap

Considerations of building an MVP
$320 – $960
UI/UX Design and Wireframing Creating wireframes for a better understanding.

Building conceptual layouts and viewing the visual structure of app functional needs.

Focusing on aesthetics and user experience apps will provide.

Considering Device Specific Design
$240 – $960
Style Guide of App
Font Family of Text used in the app.

Color to be followed in the app.

Reflecting business branding in the mobile app design.
$160 – $240
Mock-ups High-fidelity.

Final Rendering of your mobile app visual design.

Mockups are for applying the style guide on the app wireframes.
$160 – $320
Prototype Converting static mockups into click-thru prototypes with the help of tools like Figma and Invasion.

Prototyping for stimulating user experience and app workflow.

Helps experts to identify modification requirements of the app’s proposed functionality.
$320 – $480
Backend Development of AppBackend development deals with database and server-side objects required to support the mobile app functions.$1000 – $2000
API Integration API integrations useful for extending the potential and capabilities of your desired mobile app.

Supports the communication between your app and backend database.
$1000- $2000
UX Testing
Checking the final implementation related to user experience created by the design team.

Testing the app for visuals, workflows, and interactivity.
$600 – $700
Functional Testing
To test the accuracy of mobile app functionalities

Testing the app functionalities by multiple diverse ranges of users.

Detecting bugs and defects.

Running system and functional testing for overall testing.
$960 – $1500
Performance Testing
Check app performance before deploying it on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Check app response time for user requests.

Enhancing App Screen Loading Time.

Impact of battery consumption by the app.

Efficient use of network bandwidth.

App size check for optimal extent.
$400 – $600
Security Testing
Security is the main concern of every mobile app owner.

The source code of the app should be secure.

Check for data encryption strength.

Isolate App Data.

Allow access to authentic resources.
$400 – $600
Platform and Device TestingThe app is tested on various mobile devices or device stimulators to ensure the smooth functioning of your mobile app on all devices.$400 – $600
Deployment and SupportNatural process – You need to deploy it on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

For app deployment, you need an Android app developer and an iOS app developer account.

For launching your app on any app store, you need the following:

App Title

App Description


Brand icon

App category
$160 – $240

Resources Required In Mobile App Development Process

Below we have created the main resources and how they’re beneficial. These are:

Business Analyst

If you are planning to outsource your mobile app development project, the benefits of a business analyst in the development process will take all your attention. A business analyst is the component of the app development team who understands the project requirements and comes up with possible solutions and technologies that can increase the success rate of your app. The job of a business analyst starts with understanding requirements, preparing the scope of the project, and sending it back to the client for feedback. This detailed study of business analysts will cut down additional charges and ensure the successful execution of your app designing and development idea. The role of Business Analyst:

  • Gathering requirements and material
  • Identifying problems and bestowing effective solutions
  • Analyzing Competitors and creating reports
  • Defining the Project Value
  • Writing down the project specifications

UI/UX Designer

Designing the complete mobile application mockups is an essential part of the application as it has the probability to embrace the customer. Thus, a fascinating design is the reproduction of a well-experienced and creative designer. App Design is an indispensable fragment of app development and engaging an innovative app designer is an exclusive task. A senior designer with eons of experience could cost $150/hour, at the varied time a novice will cost $40/hour. Responsibilities of an expert and innovative UI/UX Designer are as follows:

  • Breakdown of App Design into Comparable App
  • Comprehensive Study of Partialities and Necessities
  • Wireframe Creator
  • Concluding App Design Model Creator

Mobile App Engineer

Mobile app engineer is that component of the development procedure with whom you can entrust and segment your app vision. Coding specialists will take the accountability to execute accurately functioning apps. Which mobile app engineer will be part of your projected team hangs on the mobile app platform i.e. iOS and Android. As the business analyst has presented the possibility of the project and the designer has fashioned the app design, forthwith the developer will build a robust application with all the necessary functionalities and integrations. App developers are the ones who charge the highest amount as they take the complete responsibility to develop an app from scratch. Roles and responsibilities of Developers:

  • Thoughtful of client needs
  • Obtaining Key App Aspects and Functionalities
  • Conniving Model For Client’s Orientation
  • Code High-Quality Program to Implement the project
  • Notice Bugs and Present an Effective Resolution
  • Observing for shortages and tendering solutions

Quality Assurance Team

As soon as the developer is ensured with the errands of coding the invention, the procedure passages on to the QA team. They accomplish the vigorous testing of the application to acquire bugs, structures, malfunctions, and non-effective tasks of the application. The software program testing team of the application has a complete focus on the application to confirm successful performance. Usually, QA specialists fee around $20/hour to complete testing, uncovering, or fixing of the bugs.

Project Manager

The project manager in the squad of mobile app developers is accountable for conveying the tasks to diverse team members after getting the prerequisites from the client. Project managers devise a fluent flow of the development procedure all over the project. Project managers just cost $20/hour. Nonetheless, some big businesses don’t lodge for project managers or business analysts as they already have a heavy-paying project at hand.

What Affects The Mobile App Development Cost?

Forecasting to build a convenient mobile application? Here are the precise insights that mark the cost while evolving a mobile app. Instead of jumping into the question – of how much does it cost to build a mobile app, you should choose the forte of the application. You must comprehend the requirements of users and examine what type of app can solve their multiple inquiries.

Top-Notch Types Of Mobile Apps, Costs & Details

Centered on the kind of user experience, optimization, and quick work, there are six categories of mobile applications. Every single type of app uses distinctive device APIs and offers a wide choice of features at a parallel time.

Native Apps

Native apps are becoming luxurious day-by-day founded on the platform they must support. The price of native apps is moderately higher as it includes more specialists in the app development procedure. Normally, business apps, education apps, and amusement apps are unearthed to be native apps.

Hybrid Apps

Cross-platform apps are the best types of mobile apps for those startups who want to reach larger audiences. Nevertheless, the development and upkeep of the apps can also be cut down if it is made by a time and sole code form that thrives for all platforms. The disadvantage of cross-platform app development is that they are optimizable but barely, have deficit access to APIs, and do not offer user experience as that is delivered by native apps. Therefore, cross-platform hybrid apps are typically meant for small and medium communication apps like lifestyle and game apps.

Learning Curve For Today?

Even now, you have gone over the usages of geolocation technologies, studied their benefits, uncovered the desired steps on how to formulate a GPS app, and almost know about the financial plan for its technical features. We have completed the following shortlist to give you several location-based app thoughts that could gain distinction in the upcoming days, these are:

  • Location-based social networking apps,
  • Discounts apps with location-based features,
  • Messaging apps with geolocation-sharing aspect,
  • Location finder apps by photo, and IoT applications

Hire our expert developers to build any kind of complex or medium complex application with thorough research and backup support. We love new challenges, innovate ideas with technology, and then test them with expertise and public opinion. Call us today.

Features Of App With Technology Support And Hours

App FeaturesTech Stack DetailsHours Approximations
User LoginFacebook SDK

Log In with Twitter

Instagram Basic Display API
4+ Hours for UI/UX Design

8+ hours for App Backend Development Using NodeJS

8+ hours for feature integration each platform (iOS, Android)
Analysis and PlanningFirebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for Android Mobile Apps.

Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) for iOS
24+ hours for Android

24+ hours for iOS
Navigation Bar Human Interface Guidelines24+ hours for app backend development.

16+ hours for Android or iOS development.
Media Content Sharing (like TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.)Android NDK Native APIs for Android.

Core Audio Kit for Audio Exchange.

PhotoKit for photo editing, and AVKit for media playback on iOS devices.
8+ hours for the design.

16+ hours for the frontend development.

40+ hours for the backend development.

40+ hours to develop this function on each mobile platform.
Geolocation (for social, food delivery, taxi, dating, and travel apps)Google Maps API8+ hours for design

8+ hours for backend

8+ hours for Android

8+ hours for iOS
In-app Messaging (for online retail marketplace, social media, real estate, or accommodation booking app) Facebook API

Telegram API
40+ hours to develop the messaging platform backend.

20+ hours for Android App.

20+ hours for iOS App
Payments IntegrationAndroid Play

Google Wallet

Apple Pay





50+ hours to integrate one payment system
Offline App ModeDevices for offline data storage; local caching, cookies, shared preferences, local storage, SQL database.40+ hours are required by developers to ensure a good database system.
Phone Sensor Utilization Accelerometer – Phone orientation detection.

Digital Scope – Orientation linked to the magnetic field.

GPS – Accurate Satellite Positioning.

Barometer – Assist GPS Altitude Data.

Light Sensor – To Adjust brightness automatically.

Proximity Sensor – To prevent touch commands by ear.

Pedometer – calculating user’s steps.

Fingerprint Sensor – for locking purposes and others.
10+ hours to integrate a single sensor with the app.

8+ hours to link sensors with functionality purpose.

Time It Takes To Develop A Mobile App Features And Functionality?

As defined in the above table, the procedure of creating a mobile application for iOS, Android, and other platforms generally includes different phases to be trialed in an organized method. Nevertheless, it is not possible to stipulate accurate terms continuously as it rests on the complexity and discrete features of each category of the mobile application. Below are some approximations you should keep in mind:

  • Free Cost Estimate from an Association > 1 – 3 days
  • Comprehensive Study of requirements, exploration of the market and the opposition > 5 – 10 days
  • Prototyping and inscription of the methodical task > 10 – 15 days
  • Conniving the structure > 5 – 15 days
  • Program design > 18 – 60 + days
  • Disposition and Testing > 5 – 10 days

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