How Much Does On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development Cost?

How Much Does On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development Cost?

We can see the capability of healthcare shapeup in front of us. And this has been possible only because of digital advancements in the domain of healthcare. Latest technologies like AR, VR, AI, 3D printing, nanotechnology, IoT, and robotics all have assisted us to make better technology for the healthcare business. A lot of recent developments have facilitated molding these technologies to their maximum. Therefore, it’s time for health sources to hold technology and start taking care of their patients completely. Let’s tell you about On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development and why it has boosted during Covid-19.

What’s On-Demand App Development?

It is time to fully embrace the digital shift and let technology take over. There is no point in fearing any of the current developments. If AI is rotating out to be an evolving technology it must present you with something good as an alternative. The same goes with automation, ML, and much more. Thus, this already did bring about e-health, e-pharmacy, and e-hospital on the fact, Smart Hospital was already working but wasn’t well-known. Furthermore, sooner or later our life will be totally transformed because of several digital extensions, and here comes On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development.

Understanding On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Benefits

As the name itself states on-demand means when you need something, or feel the need for it. Rendering to Zion’s market study, the e-pharmacy marketplace was of the scope of USD 42.32 billion in 2018 and is predicted to increase to USD 107.53 billion in 2025. mHealth apps are supposed to influence USD 111.1 billion in 2025, rendering to one more statement by Zion. And in 2018 it was estimated to be around USD 8 billion.

Monetization Prospects Of On-Demand Applications

Commission-established prototypical is the rudimentary archetypal which nearly all apps support. Since an on-demand app offers pharmacological businesses a platform, where they can sell their drugs, pills, or medicines to the consumers, they charge these businesses a certain fraction of profit on the medicines wholesaler or the number of sales produced on a day-to-day basis. These main aspects that are included in choosing the mobile app architecture are:

  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Extensibility
  • Scalability
  • Testability
  • Understandability
  • Security
  • Performance

Featured Catalogue Of App development Cost

This is a distinct segment of on-demand medicine delivery applications on any site or the search bar, where the e-pharmacy apps show the subsidized calculations from pharmaceutical businesses or Medicine storehouses.

Generate ROI

One more great source of making revenue is through an online pharmacy app. Yes, this is because on-demand delivery apps can sell interstellar for ads of any of the subsequent –

  • Drugstore Companies
  • Pharmacological companies
  • Insurance businesses
  • Diagnostic hubs
  • Hospital Chains & Products
  • e-Wallet companies

Benefits And Plus Points Of On-Demand App Development

The online medication delivery service has not only made it convenient for the users to look up the medications they like to buy but have also shoved the pharmacy business a level higher. Customers/users do not have to wander around to numerous pharmacies looking for a specific medicine but can purchase the medicine of their selection from the convenience of their household. They keep in touch with these e-pharmacies via push notifications and keep receiving all updates on the accessibility of medicines or medical apparatus. These apps are acknowledged for proffering their users fulfilling reductions, which else is not imaginable at the chemist stores.

Occasionally, they also get their medications distributed to their threshold, without contriving to pay for its distribution. They also further upload their remedy on the app and see if the medicines are available or not. Also, they can consult with a doctor as well about medicine consumption and if there are any side effects. Furthermore, they can also manage the inventory and upload availability or out-of-stock details.

How To Develop A Delivery App?

You need an expert technology partner for the development and do a complete analysis of the application and the features involved in it. For this, initially, it will be required to do thorough business research and then ensure that it’s up to the mark. Furthermore, they will need to adhere to the following aspects:

  • FDA regulations
  • Data security
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • Health Level 7 International (HL7)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA),
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • Integrated with EPA (Electronic Prior Authorization)
  • Certified with EPCS (Electronic prescribing of a controlled substance)

Here are some of the top-notch on-demand e-pharmacy delivery applications for you to see before you bring your idea to the table:

  • Capsule pharmacy delivery app
  • NowRX
  • CVS
  • NetMeds
  • PillPack

Requirements Of On-demand Delivery App Dev & What’s Needed?

Below, we have mentioned the main features considered important for the solution. There will be three applications and one admin support panel that will need to be built. Furthermore, these will add-up the app development cost, and are:

  • User App
  • Chemist Or Pharmacy Stores Panel
  • For Medicine Delivery Boy
  • Online Pharmacy App – Admin Features

Apart from the above, you’ll need an android developer and an iOS developer. UI/UX designer, QA testing team, business analyst, and more.

User App Details

  • EHR (Electronic Health Record) connected customer profile
  • Ask for expert advice
  • In-App Document Scanner
  • Document Management
  • EPA (Electronic Prior Authorization) integration
  • Lab Aggregation
  • Medicine Reminders to Refill & Intake
  • Collect from store
  • Track near-by associate store
  • In-app calling
  • In-app chat
  • Number masking
  • Shipment tracking
  • Multi-currency payment support
  • Multi-lingual support
  • CRM integration
  • Order management integration
  • CMS for blogging
  • Loyalty Program
  • In-app map and navigation
  • Artificial Intelligence enabled app
  • Chatbot support
  • Real-time analytics
  • Role-based dashboards

Required Tech Stack For On-demand Delivery App & Features

On-demand delivery applications have certain features and requirements that you may want to think about when it comes to development and testing. However, we have listed down the major tech stacks required in building a perfect app, and these are:

  • Front-end developer: Java, Swift, Angular, Java, CSS, HTML, React
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Web Application
  • Back-end developers: Python, Laravel, Node.js
  • Push notifications, SMS, and in-app messaging: Batch
  • Payment dispensation: PayPal API, Stripe API, and Braintree SDK
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Cloud Setting: Google Cloud, AWS
  • Location tracking: MapKit context for iOS, and Google Maps SDK for Android
  • Social login: Facebook, Google, Twitter APIs

Chemist Or Pharmacy Stores Panel

  • Onboarding
  • Profile management
  • Medicine suggestions based on the ailment
  • Prescription details/videos
  • Patient routine
  • Diet suggestions
  • Doctor rotation plans
  • Progress monitoring
  • Multilingual
  • Push notifications
  • Ad mob configuration
  • Payments
  • Active Plans and Subscription
  • Notifications and Reminder
  • Activity Records
  • Weight and BMI measure
  • Referral Vouchers
  • Book sessions
  • Join Yoga sessions
  • Live treatment sessions
  • Doctor Consultation-Customized plans
  • Video Workout
  • Register and create profiles
  • List of sessions/bookings
  • Live video roasters
  • Subscriptions
  • Receive Payments
  • Daily/weekly Roasters
  • Get Rating/reviews
  • E-message sessions with customers
  • Getting hired as a personal pharmacist

Admin Panel

  • Approved doctor’s profile
  • Customer Management
  • Employee Management
  • Managing payments and sessions
  • Reports and analytics

Phases Of On-demand Medicine Delivery App Development Cost

App Development PhasesPhase DescriptionCost Range
Strategy BuildingOutline strategy

Identifying the app’s users

Researching on competition

Defining app’s goals and objectives
$160 – $240
Analysis & Planning
Define use cases and detailed functional requirements

Create an app development roadmap

Build an MVP
$320 – $960
UI/UX Design and Wireframing
Create proper wireframes

Focus on aesthetics and user experience

Device-Specific Design
$240 – $960
Style Guide of App Font Family of Text

Color to be followed in the app
$160 – $240

Final Rendering of visual design

Mockups & wireframes
$160 – $320
Prototype Converting static mockups into click-thru prototypes

Helps experts to identify modification requirements of the app’s proposed functionality
$320 – $480
Backend Development It deals with database and server-side objects.$1000 – $2000
API Integration API integrations and capabilities along with back-end additions.
$1000- $2000
UX Testing
Checking the final implementation

Testing the app for visuals, workflows, and interactivity
$600 – $700
Functional Testing
Test the accuracy of mobile app functionalities

App functionalities by various users

Detecting bugs and defects

Running system and functional testing
$1000- $2000
Performance Testing
Check performance before deployment

Checking out the app response time for user requests

Enhancing App Screen Loading Time

Impact of battery consumption by the app

Efficient use of network bandwidth

App size checking for optimally sized
$400 – $600
Platform and Device Testing
The app is tested on various mobile devices for the smooth functioning of the app on all devices.
$400 – $600
Deployment and Support Natural process. You need to deploy it on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Need an Android or iOS app developer account.
$160 – $240

Maintenance And Support After & During The Development Phase

Every app needs maintenance. The development team does that and ensures no functionality feature is thwarted. Your app has to be compatible with the others in the market, and all features need maintenance. The latest software updates from iOS and Android also cause a lot of changes, thus your app has to be UpToDate to ensure these changes don’t affect its performance altogether. Compliance stages and guidelines can vary as well. For instance, you need to verify that your app fulfills data laws like GDPR in the European Community or CCPA compliant in California. If you’re running credit card payments, you must stay PCI compliant. If you’re managing medical information, the app must be in compliance with HIPAA. The list goes on and on for compliance. All of these conditions require constant upkeep. As your app ages, you should sooner or later arrange for customer support. The more users interact with your app, the more it will need to be updated so that they don’t fail to get their queries answered or information mishandled. Thus, you may perhaps need to engage a sales team in addition. “

Connect With Us To Calculate Your Development Cost

Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Thus, we deliver full-cycle mobile app development services to ensure no stone is left unturned. In short, we do a business analysis, make UI/UX design, and develop your mobile app from an idea to be released successfully on the App Store or Google Play. Furthermore, customer’s on-demand maintenance request is also catered skillfully. When you want to build mobile apps for multiple platforms and devices, a single codebase is termed a cross-platform development service. For this purpose, we offer Flutter developers at Clustox. And, we use Google’s Flutter cross-platform application development services. You can easily build apps for iOS and Android on Flutter without affecting the app’s performance and also cut-short the development costs. The blend of services at Clustox include, and count in app development cost are:

  • Our Experts Do Business Analysis – We understand and scrutinize all the project necessities and file them.
  • We Do The UI/UX Design – Our team creates wireframes, designs the app screen-by-screen, and makes a design-based prototype.
  • Development – We offer custom-built Android and/or iOS apps with platform-specific programming languages like Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin.
  • Release – We take care of publishing the app on the App Store and/or Google Play.
  • Maintenance – We offer you 24/7-365 support and backup on-demand or also enhance the existing application on request.

How Do Experts At Clustox Cater Client Requirements?

We offer you our team of experts with the professional skill-set based on your project requirements to make your venture economically coherent, task-focused, and adaptable. We suggest an expert resource that takes responsibility for your project, the way you want it. Our mobile app development experts consider the following:

  • Modules of the app should be subtly planned and decoupled.
  • Showcasing the business domain of the project and highlighting the main focal point.
  • Scalability
  • How the architecture fits the business domain’s requirements.
  • Is it a heavy data-driven app?
  • What is the complexity of the app that we are going to build?
  • Is it a “5 screens” app or a “20 screens” app?
  • What are the key components that we want to test?
  • What is the deadline and budget for the project?
  • What is the trade-off that we must do in terms of quality — time of delivery?
  • Consider all network scenarios.

Connect with a result-oriented mobile app development company to build custom mobile experiences with high-performing, digitally transformative, and innovative approaches. Email us or call us to further discuss your mobile app development cost.

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