If you’ve reached this article is very likely that you’re considering creating an application of some sort. Whether to improve the productivity of your company, engage in the mobile sector or any other purpose. But the truth is that it is not such a simple process.
In general, starting a digital project such as creating an application for Android, we must have patience. First of all, prepare notepad and pen and start taking notes. Soak up well before the issue, before you begin searching Android developers.
To help you gather all this information, we present our tutorial to create an Android app. Are you ready? Start in 3, 2, 1… We take off!

Why Create An Android App?

If you are one of those who does not know why to create an app for Android, pay attention. It is true that if you opt for Android, you leave aside iOS users. But if they do the reverse also you lose many opportunities.
So… Android Apps? Yes, our reasons:

  • Android has a higher market share.
  • The cost per hour of developer for Android is cheaper than that of iOS.
  • There is a large variety of terminals for an Android application, whereas iOS only works on Apple devices.
  • Android is a much more customizable operating system.

How To Create An Android Application Step By Step?

Yes, we have had a lot of things to consider for your Android app. But surely you want to know how to create your own. Well, we continue with our tutorial to create your Android app. Step by step, we guide you through the process of creating an Android app.

Initial Phase

Here we must clearly define the idea of the app, which is most important in a mobile project. Then we have to focus on translating all our ideas into an effective mockup. In it, we will explain the usability and the application flow. It is not a question of having the final design, but the basic functioning, to see if our idea is viable.

Business Phase

Now that you have verified that the idea you have in mind can function as an Android app, choose all the business models in particular. And in turn, select the monetization strategy to use to make it profitable. There are apps that are not looking for economic profitability or monetizing. It is possible that your business model is simply to generate brand or loyal users.

Likewise, it is recommended that you define the app project document with great detail. Now that you have decided the most important thing. This will define your Routing Sheet to create your Android application.

Development Phase And Design

Here the most important chore is to seek the development team and the right design. If you do not have a team that can take the project out, then bet on the experts and let them do it for you. Sit with your developer and divide the complete development process in sprints. Don’t wait for the developer to complete the app and send it to you rather get multiple releases so that you stay updated about the progress.

Launching Phase

Now that your app is almost ready, it just lacks the marketing part. So, prepare the ASO (App Store Optimization) and you are ready to launch your app to the app stores. Of course, you need to get hold of contacts and make an extra effort to make a spectacular initial launch.

Promotion Phase

Do not end up doing the ASO and a good launch. Promoting your app is going to be something continuous and without rest. Get ready for collaborations with specialized media, with the influencers, etc. It may be relevant to start small investments in ads and promotions.
Are you ready to launch your app?

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