How to Develop a Trivia Game App? Trivia App Development Guide

How to Develop a Trivia Game App? Trivia App Development Guide

How to develop a trivia game app? How to create a quiz game app? Or how to develop a game app like Trivia Star or HQ Trivia App? If you are one of those who are desperately searching for the authentic answers to these questions, then this piece of writing is worthwhile for you. This ultimate guide by Clustox will guide you through the development process of a trivia game app. Besides this, you will also understand the basic features, other technical and nontechnical aspects of trivia gaming apps.

What Does A Trivia Game App Mean?

Trivia mobile games are one of the many classes of mobile app games. However, more specifically, trivia games or quiz games are such types of games in which players answer interesting and fun questions about specific topics. Moreover, there is no finite limit to the kind of topics that can be answered in trivia quiz games. So, anything from movies, drama, sports, countries, cuisines, etc., can be a potential topic in your best trivia game. Therefore, you can refer to Trivia games, more or less like quiz games that test your knowledge in different niches. But the latest trivia games are much more fun and engaging than regular boring quizzes.

Market Statistics of Trivia App Development Market

The mobile game app development market is booming like never before. According to research by Statista, mobile game apps are increasing rapidly and are expected to reach the count of “2.7 Billion” by the end of 2022.

“Another research report by Statista explains that the global cloud gaming market worth was estimated at 0.63 Billion USD in 2020. This value is expected to rise up to 1.45 Billion USD by the end of 2022. Therefore, the cloud gaming market’s revenue is increasing every moment.”

This numerical figure clearly speaks about how much love and craze Gen Z has for mobile gaming apps. It also proves that people fond of mobile game apps also spend money to make in-app purchases for additional special features.

Moreover, according to other marketing research reports, it states that out of all apps downloaded, around 33% are gaming apps. So, it is the right time to invest in gaming app development. Invest in trivia app development to increase your customer base and earn huge profits via mobile game apps.

Top 10 Best Trivia Game Mobile Apps

Before starting to develop a mobile trivia app, it is essential to acknowledge your competitor’s apps. So, here is a look at the top performing best trivia mobile game apps of all time. On the top of the list, we have:

  • QuizUp (Android, iOS: Free)
  • Jeopardy! World Tour (Android, iOS: Free)
  • Trivia Crack Kingdoms (Android, iOS: Free)
  • Newsmeister (Android, iOS: Free)
  • Trivia 360 (Android, iOS: Free)
  • Psych! (Android, iOS: Free, In App Purchase)
  • Guess the Song (Android: Free)
  • Who wants to be a Millionaire (Android, iOS: Free)
  • Fleetwit ( iOS: Free, In-App Purchases)
  • Quizcapade ( Android: Free)

Thus, when you plan to build a Trivia Game App, you can always take inspiration from these best trivia games of all time.

Resources Required For Developing A Trivia App Like Trivia Star And HQ Trivia App

Setup Required for Trivia Quiz App Development

Adaptive Server

Once after launching your trivia app, millions of users will join the trivia game. The server computing power must be highly adaptive and scalable to handle such vast data and network traffic. The most trustworthy and highly reliable servers for developing a trivia game are; Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud. These top hosting servers are incredibly secure, reliable, and performance oriented. Furthermore, these top cloud servers are consistently evolving around AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning), which will prove beneficial in the future.

Video Streaming Server

A video streaming server is essential to stream videos simultaneously to a massive number of users. In addition to this, it is also important to choose video streaming services with ultra-low latency. It ensures efficient video streaming to a considerable number of users at the same time. Here are some of the critical factors you need to consider while choosing the correct video streaming server.

  • Variety of Protocols’ Support
  • Codecs
  • Bitrates
  • Operating Systems
  • DRM
  • Switching

Recording Studio

For hosting a show like HQ Trivia App, you will need a studio in your trivia gaming app. So, set up a studio like an environment and make your app successful in the market. For setting up a fully functional recording studio, you will need all the following components:

  • A Computer System and Studio Monitors
  • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • Audio interface
  • Headphones with powerful microphones
  • Connecting Cables
  • Pop Filters
  • Appropriate Lightings
  • Production Arrangement

Requirements of production arrangement are:

  • Software encoders like Wirecast Pro and vMix
  • Hardware encoders that don’t need a computer
  • Super-fast internet connection
  • Live Streaming software like OBS Studio and Wirecast Pro

All you have to do is connect your cameras to the software encoder or hardware encoder. Then make sure to connect with a live video streaming host, and here you are, good to go LIVE!

Required Tech And Professional Resources For Trivia Game Development

Before jumping into technical matters of trivia app development projects, let’s have a look at the required team structure for trivia game development. Your trivia app development team must consist of the following members:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developers
  • Back-end developers
  • QA Testing Experts
  • PR Team

Top Features To Include In Trivia Game Mobile App

There is no limit on the number and complexity of features you want to include in your trivia gaming app. But there are some most basic features you should consider while developing a game app like QuizUp and Jeopardy. So, pen down these essential features in your notebook:

  • Attractive Aesthetic UI
  • Exciting and innovative levels for users
  • Quick Display of Right Answers
  • Quick Display of Result Page
  • Different Difficulty levels of questions (Easy, Intermediate, and Hard)
  • Time limit for answering quiz questions
  • Customized User profiles
  • Friends’ invite option to play
  • Social Media Integration
  • Leaderboard Display
  • Seamless Navigation
  • Variety of Topic Selection for Quiz
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Push Notifications System
  • Rewards and Prizes for the Gamers ( Gift, Coins, bonus, vouchers, etc.)

How To Build A Trivia Game App Like QuizUp And Trivia Star?

Trivia App Development Process

Long, in short, we have summarized the process of trivia app development into five simple steps. Let us begin the ride through these steps:

Step 1: Content Deep Market Research

Market research mainly aims to understand what your competitors are doing, are they getting customers, and if yes, how are they getting these leads and their demographics.

Step 2: Build a Business Model Canvas

Creating a business model canvas for your trivia game application includes two fundamental aspects:

  • Best monetization strategy for your trivia app business.
  • Marketing and Advertising Strategies for promoting your trivia app business.

Step 3: Develop the App

It is the stage of the development where you should decide whether you want to build your app in house or outsource it. Most recommendations say that it is better to outsource projects from the top software development companies as it is cost effective and faster approach. Furthermore, after deciding who will develop the app, you have to keep a critical eye on the projects to ensure fast and smooth development.

Step 4: Test the Ready Trivia App

It is crucial to rigorously test the app to ensure it is free of bugs and provides an outstanding experience to users. If you don’t have any technical expertise, then you need to hire a QA engineer who keeps checking the app performance periodically.

Step 5: Launch your Game App

When you and your team are delighted with the performance of the trivia game app development, then the last step is to publish on the App Store or Play Store, or both.

So, this was a trivia mobile app development process. However, the work does not end here just by publishing the app and never looking back to it. You have to continue updating your trivia game with more unique features and consistently focus on marketing strategies to grow your trivia app business.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Trivia Game App Like QuizUp And Trivia Star?

As soon as an idea about mobile app development pops into your head, the very next thought is about the development cost of an app. However, the answer to this question is relatively straightforward. You have to consider many factors to find out the actual cost of trivia app development. These factors mainly comprise Geographical location, Target Platform (iOS or Android), Integrated technologies, app complexity, and app design.

However, when developing an app for the USA or European digital market, the development costs are relatively higher than in any other part of the world. Similarly, if you aim at developing both a trivia app for Android and a trivia app for iOS, the cost of development gets doubled in that case. Moreover, the technology stack, app development approach (native or hybrid), UI/UX design, and advanced feature development also affect the trivia app development cost.

Thus, considering all these primary factors, the cost of trivia app development for major advanced features is around $45,000 to $50,000.

Develop A Successful Trivia Game App Like Quizup With Clustox

How to create a trivia game app like QuizUp and HQ Trivia app? The answer is quite simple: choose Clustox to build your dream trivia gaming app. Clustox is a leading software and app development company that provides web and mobile based solutions worldwide.

From design to development and QA testing to maintenance, we have got everything for you. We have a team of the best developers and experts to guide you through each step of app development, either designing or marketing the app.

Thus, more and more people and new businesses are emerging day by day in every development niche. So, investing in trivia app development is the right opportunity to grow with the latest technologies and trends. Even if you already have a gaming business, then it is an excellent idea to work on a trivia game app.

Hope all your queries are answered in this ultimate guide on trivia app development solutions. Still have questions or doubts regarding your trivia app idea, drop a line for your tech consultants to clear your doubts and guide you with the best solution.


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