How to Find a Reliable Outsource Mobile App Development Partner?

How to Find a Reliable Outsource Mobile App Development Partner?

Great technological ideas, strange as they may seem, are not always the product of a person who dominates the technologies. You may have an idea to create a really useful application but lack the required expertise or time. For instance, suppose you want to create apps. But you do not possess the knowledge, or you do not dominate the matter enough to develop that application, or simply, you do not have time. In these cases, the best idea is to outsource mobile app development. Outsourcing the mobile app development will help you attain two basic objectives: One is to get the application to the market as soon as possible so that you become able to fulfil the second objective, i.e. to start making money.

How To Outsource Mobile App Development?

Hearing and reading about the next great innovations and technologies is fine, but it isn’t great if you are not capable of applying them. Before looking for an outsource mobile app development company, you have to devise your in-house first. After that, to ensure a successful project, you need to define requirements and expected project outcomes. Thus, a loose portfolio and no game plan leads to a big mess all around.

Communication and collaboration are essential between in-house teams; communication is the core attribute that makes your outsourcing partnerships strong. So, if you are clear with what you want from the app, you’ll be able to take a strong start. Providing the software development company or freelancer with a clear picture of the desired product makes communication easy and the mobile app development cycle smoother.

Here are some suggestions you should consider while defining your app:

  • What will be the login features?
  • Will the app feature in-app purchases?
  • Do you prefer your app to be a freemium model?
  • Will the app launch on iOS, Android or both?
  • Do you want it to be a native or hybrid app?
  • Does the app need to be compatible with social media integration?
  • What are your plans regarding API and database hosting?
  • Will the app support user preference customization?

It was just creating a rough sketch before actual development begins to save your time, energy and cash in future. Moreover, you won’t cover everything during the mobile app development process; rather, you have to sort out enough to pave a clear path forward.

How To Find A Mobile App Development Outsourcing Partner?

The only big upside for outsourcing everyone faces is that you will never lack selection besides all the services already supplied. Looking for a mobile app development outsource partner is vaguely similar to a dreaded job search. Thus, the most trouble you’ll run through will be choosing what outsourcing company partners will be right for your company.

However, outsourcing does not necessarily mean hiring an outsourcing company to look into the project. While hiring an app development agency, either offshore or nearshore, a popular approach for freelancers may be more in line with your requirements. The choice between freelancers and an outsourcing company depends on the situation of the call.

1. Freelancers

There is a huge competition for freelancers as there are unimaginable numbers of freelancers skilled in different fields. There are chances that one single freelancer will not be a jack of all trades, so once after finding an ideal candidate for a specific task, you will again have to search for the next freelancer for other activities. Like on this blue marble we call a house, freelancers come with their pockets filled with pros and cons that you also need to consider before the final decision.


  • It is easy to approach freelancers through dedicated platforms.
  • Best hires for short-term projects.
  • Cost-effective service providers


  • Poor communication may lead to poor results
  • Might be unavailable when needed due to difference of time zone

2. Outsourcing Company

Freelancers are good in a pinch, but some projects demand outsourcing companies as ideal choices. When you have big plans and desire out of the box solutions, you should look into an outsourcing company. Outsourcing mobile app development projects to a renowned company can bring the team of experts and their expertise bound to get your mobile up and to run. Moreover, there are such cases that outsourcing companies may answer your app development plan, which a freelancer couldn’t undertake, so they are also more expensive. However, outsourcing companies are not expensive in all cases, like outsourcing with a nearshore mobile app development partner. What pros you can expect from an outsourcing company, and what cons you should consider before opting for an outsourcing company.


  • Team of highly experienced and skilled professionals developers to designers, project managers and more
  • Up to date with knowledge of latest technologies
  • Long-term work relationships
  • Efficiency, Scalability and Flexibility

Tips To Outsource The Development Of Mobile Apps:

While outsourcing the realization of the app, there may arise many doubts. The first and most important: who to commission the materialization of the apps? Once you select the development company, here are five tips for outsourcing the development of the mobile application without too many headaches:

1. Decomposing the project for better understanding:

At first you should ensure that the subcontractor understands the idea you propose to him. To do this, the project must be decomposed, specifying its details. It is important to document everything together with a wireframe to make the developers’ work as easy as possible.

2. Specify the Budget clearly:

It is very important to talk and clarify with the team that will develop your apps. You should clear everything related to the costs of the project. Often, the mobile app development starts with an approximate budget, and then it goes up and needs more investment, with which the initial cost is fired, and you end up paying an excessive amount. To avoid such scares, the budget should be agreed upon earlier. It is estimated once you analyze and discuss all the details and specifications of the project.

3. Work Scheduling:

Request for the work schedule. For this purpose, it is necessary to meet with the developer. Also, you should establish the dates of work to fulfil the objectives. In this way, you can control unforeseen events and act on time.

4. Constant interactivity with the company:

The interactivity with the company must be constant. All those working on the project must verify that the application made is in line with what was imagined from the outset. In addition, it is convenient to analyze the results, correct errors and even rectify if new options appear.

Some Other Things To Note Down:

It is necessary to take advantage of the experience of the team of professionals to whom it has been subcontracted. They need to work on other projects. They should know how to do it better and get the best results. For that, it is significant to maintain a regular dialogue. It should not just verify the given steps and confirm that the deadline is met. But it should also know what new developments were born concerning the project. They include the ones which are related to the market in which the future application will compete.

It is also important to protect the original idea when you decide to create a mobile app. Although there is some other person who develops the app, the creation is your own. So, you should make sure that nobody steals the idea. To protect the idea, it is advisable to sign a confidentiality agreement with the collaborators. This agreement will include the parties that sign it or those who participate in the project, identified with name, surname, ID, and address; the object of the contract; and the clarification of confidentiality. The agreement will also include the following things:

  • Intellectual Property
  • The possibility of cancellation or modification of the contract
  • The jurisdiction to which future conflicts will be submitted, if any, and signed by all participants in the project

Wrapping It Up:

The most important part of outsourcing mobile app development is planning. Having a structured concept of what you expect the app to be, who will be responsible for the project, and how you will prevent unpleasant results during the app development cycle. You cannot rely totally on any outsourcing partner that will be a perfect fit for your project. Either working with freelancers or outsourcing companies, you have to check the whole project’s balance. However, once you have come across the best option, establishing a contract and project milestone will be the final hurdle before getting your mobile app development project underway.

At Clustox, we believe in the benefits and effectiveness that nearshore and offshore outsourcing can bring to any company’s table. So, anyone who has a unique idea for creating a mobile application but lacks technical knowledge and skills can now achieve it. Drop your idea with your tech experts and learn how they will turn it into reality.

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