How can you hire a competent Ruby on Rails Developer?

How can you hire a competent Ruby on Rails Developer?

If you love code, if you speak code, if you think code, then you must be aware of Ruby on Rails, which is a framework for creating web applications. Here it is essential to pinpoint the distinction between Ruby and Rails.

Ruby is a high level completely Object-Oriented language like Java, Eiffel.

Rails is the framework created using Ruby for web applications development.

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework for web application development in Ruby to run on web server.

Features of Ruby on Rails help developers enhance their potential and productivity.

Some of the basic features are:

1. Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture

This architecture design enables the data to be parted from the presentation.

Database Access Library

Ruby on Rails makes data handling extremely easy by providing Active Record, which automatically maps rows to objects and to classes.

Convention over Configuration

It’s simple programming conventions make parameter configuration effortless.

Customized URL

User and search engine friendly url are developed on Ruby on Rails.


Debugging is made a piece of cake by providing comprehensive error logs.

Some of the famous sites such as SoundCloud, KickStarter, Hulu, SlideShare, Airbnb, GitHub and Groupon, are built using Ruby on Rails framework.

A survey states that

“Almost 5% out of top 10,000 websites on Internet use Ruby on Rails.”

2. National Salary Averages for Developers

Data from

Person possessing the most development skills, always wins, gaining most perks, highest salary, and the best projects. Hiring someone suitable for your company is as difficult as search for desirable job.

In this article, we are laying all cards on table to help you hire good Ruby on Rails (RoR) Developer.

3. Where to find a Ruby on Rails Developer?

First step towards hiring is to choose the right platform to look for a compatible person. In this digitalized era, now hiring is no more than a task. Your browser can get you an immediate solution to your query. But it’s better to pace steadily.

4. Job Search Websites

Using online job search platforms is one of the best ways to uncover employment opportunities. There is a huge network of channels to choose from such Linkedin, Ladders, , Monster, SimplyHired, Indeed, and RobertHalf. There are plenty more sites offering their prestigious services. These sites provide thousands of listings to find your potential candidate and request the instant follow-up.

5. Social Media Channels

Today you can’t imagine the power of social media in life. Its huge impact on businesses has revolutionized marketing. Developers do not have to confine themselves to just Job Search Sites or forum and communities. There is a very healthy chance to run into a best RoR Developer right on Instagram, Tweeter, Facebook or any other social media network. All it needs a good hiring announcement and a post.

6. RoR Community

This community is entirely dedicated for technical and professional purposes. RoR developers use RoR community to discuss various issues and can answer too many of you questions including employment. Some of the top notch forum such as Ruby on Rails Talk,, Meta Ruby, and Devshed, can be quite helpful for hiring purposes.

7. Events And Seminars

Online world is not the only place where you are likely to find RoR developers – They also come out of their hideouts to join the informative sessions and seminars. Meeting them in person can also prove valuable to your hiring process.

8. Description Of Requirements For RoR Developer

Specifying requirements for any candidate is the heart of employment process. For most of the time, experience and skills are the key requirements employer look for. However, employers can sketch out other requirements as the see best fit to your business such as working schedule, appearance, teamwork and many other skills.

Hiring is a give-and-take process. A decent employer is flexible in his judgment and evaluation, able to understand compromise is the key to win-win situations.

9.RoR Developer Job Description – Why you need it?

With the right information, Job seekers can decide whether the job matches their skill set and this is what they are looking for? And employers can sort out the best candidates for the offered post.

Description for RoR Developers should be concise, depicting what you are looking for? There are many online sites which can help you build the best Job Description. However, the basic job description for RoR developer must include these points:

  • Full Stack RoR Developers with expertise in back-end and front-end developed
  • The excellent skill of producing optimized applications
  • Effective writing and communication skills
  • Knack for integrating data elements and databases into a single system

These are just few key points. You should make a comprehensive and detailed job description to spare the time and resources consumption.

10. A Takeaway

Ruby on Rails is a powerful tool which has made the web development far easier,efficient and optimized than ever before. It is a constant learning process. Hiring RoR developer is not much different from any other recruiting technique; however, it requires much critical analysis, as it will be responsible to give your business a rapid boost.

Happy Coding; Happy Hiring

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