8 Secrets Behind the Success of Airbnb [Updated 2023]

Airbnb stands for Air bed and Breakfast, and this web application works as a global marketplace for people who might be looking for a place to stay or some kind of accommodation. No matter what region you are in, this website is excellent for finding affordable housing options.

It is a remarkable web forum that helps connect Airbnb hosts with travelers who want to find any kind of rental property. This also gives a chance for hosts to earn some extra money without having to get into much hassle.

Due to its revolutionary app idea, Airbnb is among the most popular apps being highly discussed and used among the masses. Another important factor contributing to this app’s popularity is the Webby Award that its site received in 2014 for its functionality and user experience.

Airbnb Statistics Worldwide in 2022

Starting in 2008, Airbnb has become one of the leading websites to find accommodations in almost any region of the world. It provides travelers with the utmost convenient options to find a suitable temporary place.

Considering that, here are some globally recorded statistics about the success of Airbnb in 2022:

  • Over 100,000 cities have active Airbnb listings
  • Approximately 2.9 million hosts use Airbnb
  • Almost 220 countries and regions have active Airbnb listings
  • More than 14,000 hosts are joining Airbnb every month this year
  • Worldwide, there are +7 million listings on Airbnb

Airbnb Growth Facts

  • First funding of $20,000 by Y Combinator in 2009
  • In 2014, TPG Capital invested $450 million
  • Technology Crossover Ventures and Google Capital invested $555.5 million in 2016
  • The growth rate increased 40% in 2018
  • The compound growth rate calculated was 153% from 2009 to 2019

Annual Revenue Statistics from 2019 to 2022

YearRevenue Increment
2020$3.378B29.7% decline

Reasons for Popularity of Airbnb

Back in the day, travelers really needed to struggle a lot when it came to finding an accommodation at affordable prices as well as convenient locations. However, with Airbnb coming into business, things really took a new turn.

Here are some of the common reasons of popularity and success of Airbnb:

  • Open Platform
  • Affordability
  • Convenient
  • Diverse Locations
  • household Amenities

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like Airbnb

Here is an in-depth review of how much it is likely to take to build a clone app like Airbnb:

Airbnb Tech Stack

Programming LanguagesRuby, Javascript
Framework Ruby on Rails
Web ServerNginx
Javascript FrameworkReact
Key-Value Storage Redix
Cloud StorageAmazon S3, EBS
Cloud HostingAmazon EC2
Cloud DatabaseAmazon RDS
Big Data ToolsPresto, Druid, Airpal

Features Of Airbnb For Guests

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Search
  • Payments
  • Profiles
  • Chats
  • Favorites
  • Order

Features Of Airbnb For Hosts

  • Advertisements
  • GPS
  • Push Notifications
  • Requests

Estimated Costs According To Features

FeaturesWeb DevelopmentAndroid DevelopmentiOS Development
Features for Guest$25,000- $27,000$19,000- $21,000$19,000- $21,000
Features for Hosts$11,000- $13,000$10,000- $12,000$10,000- $12,000
Design$7,000- $9,500$6,000- $8,000$7,500- $10,000

Estimated Costs According To Regions

RegionsWeb DevelopmentAndroid DevelopmentiOS Development
North America$75-$120$90-$130 $90-$130
Central Europe$30-$65$35-$75$35-$75
Western Europe$70-$90$80-$110$80-$110
Australia$41- $70$45-$70$45-$70

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Airbnb Business Model

1. The Site Gives Sense Of Well-Being

Airbnb has chosen to replace the photos it previously used on the homepage with videos. They have been featuring people with different profiles and everyday life situations. This helps in making things more relatable and interactive.

The situations depicted in the video inspire confidence and provide a sense of well-being, all accented with a simple message: welcome home.

2. It Facilitates The Search For Ads

This may seem very obvious, but many hotels or hotel chains’ websites do not have a visible and easy-to-access search engine. However, in Airbnb, it is right in the middle of the screen and above the waterline.

This makes it easy to know whether or not you would rush to the site. Another point to note is the suggestion of cities provided by Google and the automatic passage of the departure date to the arrival date. These things may sound simple, but they can certainly enhance the user’s convenience.

3. To Provide A Good User Experience

The display of results for a query is evident, with a screen divided into three: one-third for the card and two-thirds for ads. Roll on an ad allows the highlight on the map. The latter automatically loads new results when one zooms in on a particular neighborhood.

Above announcements, the user can access the main filters but may unfold more if desired. Note that the scroll bar for the price has become essential for any merchant site!

4. High-Quality Photos

One of the key points behind the success of Airbnb is its pictures, which are found in large quantities and are generally very good. This is a point of honor for the company, which also offers free to its guests the passage of a photographer.

This is especially a great idea that allows the site to get great pictures, giving Internet users what they want. Fastidious site design could not afford to have poor quality visuals.

In addition, each photo taken by a photographer on the site is supported by the words “Photo verified,” giving confidence to site visitors. On the new version, they also occupy the entire page width of an ad and are placed at the top.

5. Create Simple Pages, Clear And Logical

Its site pages and app screens are built in a brilliant way. Firstly, it showcases the place with visual images that take the full width of the page to highlight the location.

A photo of the host and a brief description of the accommodation is provided ( the type of dwelling, number of people, number of rooms, and beds). Airbnb now also uses symbols for this information, a bit like the OTAs.

6. Give A Sense Of Trust

What often hinders a user from buying online is the lack of confidence that he can feel. On Airbnb, everything is done to reassure. It first passes through the guests’ profiles. They are invited to a photo and a description of themselves and to be checked through their Facebook profile, phone number, or email address.

They can even get recommendations from their friends. Alongside this, the visitors denote each property that assigns ratings to different criteria and leaves a comment. This option of commenting is only possible for people who make a living room, closing the door to fraudulent comments.

7. Submit A Simple Purchase Process

Airbnb app proposes an immediate booking system through which users can immediately confirm their location without waiting for the host’s response. Another critical point here is that you can make any booking with a Click!

Summary of the request, sending a message to the host, and choice of payment method all these features are on the same page. If you have a profile, your credit card may be already registered, representing a significant comfort and pushing the purchase.

8. Create More Than Just A Rental Site

Finally, you should note that Airbnb is not a commercial app. Instead, it is well-rooted in the theme of travel and discovery. This app offers city guides that allow (future) clients to discover the neighborhoods where they will reside.

These are mostly not neighborhoods where there are hotels and attractions. This way, they can easily find suitable accommodation without worrying about security or other similar reasons.

Final Thoughts

The recipe for the Success of Airbnb may seem obvious with the above-mentioned points, but you still have to think about it and successfully apply these points consistently. In addition to a graphical look that was very successful, it is a combination of factors and features that makes renting places more convenient. These allow the user to easily use the app, like it and trust it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The primary Airbnb success strategy is to provide value to everyone as well as the promise and deliver on time without much hassle. From user-generated listings to reviews and feedback, plenty of things make it an excellent web application.

While it ultimately depends on what features you might want to add to your clone app of Airbnb, the project cost can range from at least $10,000 to $50,000.

The main tech stack used in Airbnb includes GraphQL, React, storybook, JavaScript, Ruby, java, react plays cloud database, and many other technologies.

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