Tech Stack and Costs to Build an App Like Tinder in 2023

Tech Stack and Costs to Build an App Like Tinder in 2023

The days of meeting and socializing with possible dates around 5 p.m. are passed. Tinder has not only revolutionized the face of online dating, but it has also made its stamp among dating applications.

While the goal is not to mimic the online dating app exactly but to provide something even better. However, consider the following points to determine whether constructing a Tinder-like program is realistic.

Tinder works with parent businesses to help them make money. Advanced techniques have altered not just man-machine connections but also personal relationships.

People are increasingly turning to the internet to find a suitable life companion. As a result, apps, chat rooms, and dating services have grown immensely popular in recent years.

If you’re planning to create a Tinder clone application, you need to know a few ground rules. Do you want to know how to develop a Tinder app or how much it costs? Check out the article below.

What Is The Tinder App?

Tinder is a modern social dating application that lets you locate a match and then set up a date with the match using the app’s messaging function. Tinder needs a Facebook ID to log in so that a user’s location and hobbies may be utilized to match them with the perfect match.

Although Tinder had been the top brand in the mobile dating market in many aspects, numerous other applications followed immediately after the brand led.

Moving on, we will discuss how to create a Tinder app, how much it costs to build a Tinder app, and who today’s market competitors in the online dating site category are.

Statistics and Overview of the Tinder App

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the modern era. Here is an overview of the app are some basic facts about the app:

  • Tinder was founded in 2012 by Christopher Gulczynski, Dinesh Moorjani, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, and Sean Rad.
  • Its headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California.
  • The majority of Tinder users are mostly 35 years and younger.
  • Overall, Tinder has more than 71.1 million users worldwide.

Here is an insight into the annual revenue generated from the Tinder app until 2022:

To have a deeper understanding of the popularity of this app among youngsters, check out its annual no of subscribers:

Also, check out the age demographics of the users of the Tinder app:

Primary Features of Tinder Like Apps

When developing your app, here are some of the primary features that you need to focus on in order to enhance your user experience:

  • Simple Interface
  • Offline Access
  • Video Chat
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Personalized Profile
  • Integrations Of Geo-location & Proximity
  • Search Filters
  • Security
  • Making Connections
  • Development For Multiple Platforms
  • Awesome Mutual Matching Concept
  • Calendar
  • Social Media Integration
  • Detection Of Spam/Players

Tech Stack

Having a basic idea of what tech stack you would need in order to develop your Tinder clone app will significantly help you to come up with the best possible solution.


  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Swift

Web Server:

  • AWS
  • Nginx

Cloud Storage:

  • Amazon S3


  • Node.Js
  • Express.Js
  • React


  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • SQL

General Utilities:

  • Elasticsearch
  • Google Analytics
  • Twilio
  • Google Maps

Payment Gateway Integration:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • CCAvenue

Cost to Build an App Like Tinder

One of the many things to consider at the time of developing a competent app similar to Tinder and stand out in the competition is to understand how much the entire might cost you. Take a look at the given tables below to have a better insight into it:

FeaturesHours Required for Development
Project Management460
Business Analysis150
UI Design250
UX Design85
Quality Assurance250
Frontend Development800
Backend Development750
Solution Architect250

Here is the cost of development according to different regions and the average hourly rate that developers charge:

RegionAvg Hourly Rate
North America$150
South America$75

Development requirements

Keep an eye on your team’s whereabouts. If you engage someone to design an app in the United States or Western Europe, expect the project to cost twice as much.
On the other hand, developers from Eastern Europe can achieve the same thing for a lot less money. So, if you want to create a Tinder clone, your project team would most likely include the following:

  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 2 Back-end Developers
  • Hire 2 iOS Developers
  • Include 2 Android Developers
  • 1 or 2 QA Engineers
  • 1 Project Manager

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Techniques to Build an Efficient Tinder Like App

Although the Tinder functionality appears relatively simple at first sight, it conceals rather complicated algorithms that are opaque to users. Consider the following characteristics before developing a Tinder-like app:

  • Users can only view one person at a time, although there are thousands of individuals swiping left & right simultaneously.
  • Each user (or at least some groups of customers) sees people from a different sequence. It indicates that the developer’s job is to organize the profiles into several groupings.
  • A specialized algorithm should determine who or when to show to make a match.

Tinder’s matching algorithm must be applied on the application’s server side. The back end can be built using Java, React, .NET, or other computer technologies. It’s a good idea to get the assistance of experts in the technology stack for Tinder application clone creation.

Monetization strategy

Well, that’s an interesting question, and you will need to continue reading to understand the earning concept. How much does it cost to run a dating app – it comes with thousands of aspects. Plus, also try some dating app templates on iOS.

1. Ads

Third-party firms are given advertising space. Advertisers must pay a significant sum of money to advertise on the Tinder application, which has a large consumer base. Tinder makes a considerable portion of its revenue from ad placement.

2. Purchases Made In-App

You may incorporate in-app purchases to allow customers to access additional features like icons, emoticons, etc. If you want to make dating applications like Tinder, it will help you generate money. Now let’s go to the next chapter on how much is needed to make a dating app.

3. Premium Packages

When a company creates an application like Tinder, it locks some exclusive features that can only be opened after paying the price. That’s why dating apps are so expensive.

4. Subscription

Some applications provide a trial period for using their app, after which they charge a membership fee to enter the app. Many applications utilize this monetization approach to earn money. When it comes to Tinder, it introduced Tinder Plus, which included new features such as the ability to see who visited their profile.

5. Others

Several additional capabilities in the app allow female users to watch the connections for 24 hours, and these matches are no longer available. It implies that if male users want to see their requests for longer periods, they must pay for the additional time.

How to Build An App Like Tinder

You need expert dating mobile app development along with the must-have Tinder feature list. Right here, we have explained each in detail for your team to understand what goes into creating a remarkable app like Tinder. These are:

Identify Your Audience

The first stage of your development project begins with determining who exactly your target audience is and identifying your niche. With multiple dating apps available in the market, you need your app to present unique yet competitive features to win your prospects.

You can simply begin by segmenting your audience and then researching the market accordingly in order to find out what kind of solution your potential users might be looking for. You can also recognize their interests and other factors to come up with the best possible solution.

Select A Business Model

A common business model for dating apps like Tinder is the Freemium model, under which the app is free to download and use, but some features are only available to users who pay for a premium subscription.

In the case of a dating app, these premium features might include seeing who has liked your profile or sending messages to users outside of your immediate geographic area. You can also consider offering in-app purchases for virtual gifts or upgraded profile visibility to further monetize the app.

It’s important to note that the success of a dating app largely depends on its user base, so you’ll need to focus on building a strong user acquisition strategy and creating a positive user experience to encourage retention and word-of-mouth growth.

Choose The Tech Stack

Choosing the right tech stack will depend on your app’s specific requirements, your development team’s expertise, and your budget. It’s important to evaluate the trade-offs between different technologies and choose a stack that meets your app’s needs while balancing performance, scalability, and security.

It also involves several factors, including mobile platform, front-end, back-end, real-time communication, and cloud hosting.

For the mobile platform, you should consider developing for both iOS and Android using a tech stack that supports both platforms. Similarly, for the front end, React Native is a popular choice for building cross-platform mobile apps.

Gather An Expert Team

Your developers’ team plays an important role in your app development process. First, define your app’s requirements, such as functionality, platform, scalability, and security. This will help you identify the roles and skills you need for your development team.

Once you have identified the right candidates, make offers and build your team. Provide onboarding and training to help them get up to speed quickly and ensure they understand the project goals and expectations.

Foster collaboration and communication among your team members to ensure they work effectively together and deliver high-quality results.

Develop And Launch MVP

You can begin with defining the minimum viable product (MVP) by identifying the key features and functionalities that are necessary for the app to function and provide value to users. After that, create the MVP using agile development methodologies.

Make sure to use the feedback to test and improve the app and iterate on the features and functionalities until you have a stable and scalable product. Once you have a stable and scalable MVP, launch it on the app stores.

Market the app to your target audience through social media, email, and other channels. As the user base grows, scale the app by adding more features, improving performance, and optimizing the app for different platforms and devices.


After learning about dating app creation, you should know how much money can be made from such apps. You should also understand the elements considered while developing a Tinder clone app and that a platform like Tinder might offer success.

Don’t neglect the aspects that might influence the cost of developing dating applications like Tinder. You must first decide on the feature set to design a Tinder-like app and understand the approximate budget necessary. Predicting the time required to construct an application without thoroughly understanding its functionality is difficult.

Want To Build An App Like Tinder?

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