Why CEOs & CTOs Prefer to Hire Dedicated Development Team in 2023

Why CEOs & CTOs Prefer to Hire Dedicated Development Team in 2023

With the advancement in technology, the need for developing high-end software has become quite indispensable for the growth of any business. No matter what niche it might belong to, software development is one of the many digital success factors.

Especially for new startups or aspiring entrepreneurs, the latest IT solutions are mandatory to generate more leads. It is also beneficial in reaching out to the maximum number of your target potential customers.

However, for most small-scale industries, it might get challenging to hire proper in-house development teams. One of the best solutions to get a satisfying result is simply hiring a dedicated software development team.

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What is a Dedicated Software Development Team

A ‘dedicated development team’ is a team of software specialists who work on long-term software development projects for startups, mid-sized organizations, and multinationals. When it comes to developing and maintaining software, these experts work full-time through programmers.

A Professional Development Team Model works well for mid-sized businesses, large clientele, and, in certain cases, smaller companies. This team of experienced software professionals is generally hired to achieve your customized business objectives.

The best part about outsourcing your software development requirements is that it lets you implement technical tasks and create new products without having to burn a hole in your pocket. This professional team is basically going to work on a remote basis for you and will have to provide you with results within a strict timeline.

It would be best if you remember that contrary to popular beliefs, a dedicated development team is not an extended team working for your company.

To understand this better, here are some of the primary differences between the two:

Dedicated Development Team Extended Team
It caters to you with end-end services, including maintenance and support.It helps ramp up the process and fill the developmental gaps.
The entire procedure of hiring is faster as compared to an extended team.A company usually hires an entire extended team for the extension of a certain project.
It works on a long-term basis.It is hired for a small period of time.
It is separate from in-house members or teams.It is an addition to the in-house team to complete the deadline of a specific project.

Benefits of Hiring an offshore dedicated team

With a global pandemic hitting the entire world, the demand for outsourcing teams certainly increased. It not only helped companies to efficiently fulfill their development needs but also decreased the need for generating resources for an in-house team.

Whether it is about flexible working hours, limiting the bills, or anything else, dedicated development teams would not have gained so much fame if they did not have such great perks.

To know more, outlined below are a few of the benefits, and these are:

  • A customized team of specialists that are only focused on your products and services.
  • Begin development & launch the product as soon as possible.
  • Save time and energy
  • Enjoy increased freedom.
  • Make sure that your product is of excellent quality.
  • Predict the plan, save revenue, and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Your software development is ongoing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Maintain project knowledge

Types of Dedicated Development Teams

Whether you are tech-savvy or not, prior knowledge about different types of dedicated developers will help you hire the right team. To understand this better, here are some of the many types of developers you can outsource your work to:

  • Mobile Developers
  • QA Specialists
  • Frontend Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • UI/UX Designers
  • DevOps Engineers

How Dedicated Software Development Teams Work

Hiring offshore developers to work on the products and services of your company begins with establishing the project’s goals, timetable, and scope. It is usually advisable to describe the abilities that committed team members should have.

Furthermore, the number of developers needed is also necessary to make this project successful. The hiring of dedicated developers is generally based on their skillset and knowledge. Many companies are likely to either hire them right away for a project or undertake interviews to analyze their competence.

You can also get help from a third party to provide you with such an experienced team of professional developers. There are plenty of such third-party firms that can deliver either numerous members of the team or one or even more developers based on your hiring requirements.

Following that, it will also release a pricing structure that includes the wages of the team members as well as the service provider’s cost for the entire hiring procedure.

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When To Hire A Dedicated Software Development Team

According to Statista, 46% of organizations outsource software development projects owing to a lack of capabilities in in-house teams. On the other hand, a dedicated team works on various projects, including various technology tools, stacks, and development styles.

This training teaches them to think about the critical needs of a particular project. As a result, most business owners prefer to hire developers with demonstrated competence. This workforce also includes medium to senior-level engineers, JS programmers, backend developers, and UI/UX designers.
However, there are specific technical requirements that you need to consider, and here is a brief overview.

Development Skills Shortage

Developers are often responsible for staying on top of any emerging trends and providing required insights to their organizations. It also motivates them to try out new technologies and processes to provide an amazing product for the firm.

However, an in-house development team is rarely given the freedom to experiment with various technologies. This is because these teams typically place their confidence in a set of standard procedures for lengthy periods and are rarely ready to jeopardize the business.

Projects With Short Timelines

According to an iCIMS poll, it took HR professionals 81 days in 2019 to acquire software application developers, up from 66 days in 2016. Another poll done by CodinGame uncovered the root cause of this prolonged delay.

It finds that 61% of recruiters have difficulty locating suitable applicants, and 24% have difficulty recruiting programmers within tight deadlines. You may cross hiring specialists off your to-do list by sending your specifications and project dates to the vendor.

Long-Term Development Projects

The freedom that comes with having a specialized crew is a huge benefit. Moving the platform up or down and introducing new upgrades becomes a constant effort as businesses expand. It might be difficult for your in-house staff to maintain the platform’s proper operation while also scaling it.

On the other hand, a dedicated team can handle all the heavy work and assist you in maintaining stable quality for an extended period. This can make it easy for you to meet deadlines, enhance performance, and deliver your products to the marketplace.

Redesign Projects

Redesigning the business website is a significant accomplishment for any organization. This is why a redesign project needs thorough attention and planning. It is all a part of the deal, from determining the project’s goals to examining user trends and consumer input to upgrading current features.

Because specialized development teams work with diverse technologies, they learn the methodologies and practices required to establish a solid redesign approach. For example, a company had to rebuild its application to compete and give a user-friendly platform to its clients.

When Should A Dedicated Development Team Model Be Considered

Dedicated developers provide several advantages, such as the following. They have the proper mentality as well as the appropriate skill set. The team will always work on a single project. It allows them to devote their whole attention to the implementation and go over every detail.

They may readily offer ideas and amend recommendations. When should corporations and startups employ a dedicated developer’s team for their project?

SMBs & Startups Ventures

Startups frequently demand a certain level of skill. For this very reason, an offshore software development team is their greatest friend when it comes to product launches. This can help save significant time and money in the early phases.

Startups may concentrate on product development with the assistance of a specialized workforce. Hiring a technical and dedicated development staff allows firms to expand quicker than they anticipated.

Long-Term Projects

Almost every business requires project support throughout its existence. As a result, having various teams from different firms work on it is also not the best approach. For such cases, employing a dedicated software development team to work with them on the project from start to finish is the most sensible approach.

It facilitates simple scaling, problem-solving within the team, and the creation of a known software development process.

Blurry Project Needs

When the needs are foggy, it is best to employ a specialist development team. The discovery process with various stakeholders may take a long time in and of itself. A committed staff brings all the resources. It accelerates the development procedure by determining what makes the most sense.

They can meet the project’s requirements swiftly. The team also can incorporate additional criteria as they arise.

Here is also an overview of why most companies prefer to outsource developmental work:

Cost cutting tool59%
Solve capacity issues47%
Manage business environment17%
Enhance service quality31%
Seek more innovation65%
Drives broader changes17%
Critical to business requirements28%

Platforms Present to Hire Dedicated Software Developers

While you might have a solid plan prepared to outsource a development team for your business goals, you also need to find out where you can find the most experienced team of professionals suitable to your business needs.

For this, here are some well-known platforms that can help you hire a great team of dedicated developers.


One of the most popular and liked platforms for B2B ratings, reviews, and research is Clutch. It certainly proves to be quite beneficial for companies who would like software development services from a qualified offshore team.

This platform contains a service list of more than 700 organizations working in several different niches of IT. The best part about this fantastic platform is that it provides you with a number of customer reviews and feedback.

This makes it easy for business owners like you to easily choose and pick the most reliable vendor or third party for your IT needs.

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IT Firms

If you have been looking for a platform that can help you create intelligent IT solutions, then IT Firms is the one for you. This platform enables business owners or IT companies to conveniently find the top vendors without much effort.

What is different about this platform is that it generates different categories of leading developers in several different lists and regions as well. This gives you a great opportunity to identify the best IT developers from all around the globe.


Another one of the top platforms to find and hire dedicated developers easily is GoodFirms. Just like all the other programs, this platform can also This makes it easy for business owners like you to easily choose and pick the most reliable vendor or third party for your IT needs.

be used to find expert developers in several different fields of software from all over the world.

Its distinct features include an option to conduct research on a wide variety of topics related to outsourcing the development work according to your requirements.

How To Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team

Hiring a professional development team could be a time-consuming procedure. There are hundreds of variables to consider. While we have formed specialized teams for over 50 projects, the system is nearly the same. Here’s how businesses may employ a professional team to handle bespoke software development:

Define The Requirements

Its first step is to set up why a company needs a specialized crew. It is useful in determining what to assume from a development team. What abilities are required? What is the firm’s budget? What should the team be sent?

Answering these questions gives you a good notion of what to look for in a committed team. It also makes the job of the corporate software development firm, which supplies specialized developers, easier.

Conduct Market Research

The second stage is to do more and more market research. Everything is covered, including site searching for the development team, presentation, tech & industry emphasis, developer rates, and more.

Research provides a comprehensive picture of the market’s many committed teams. It demonstrates what a software development business can provide. It also allows organizations to recognize where they can look for the right team.

Hiring The Right Development Team

The final stage is to pick a vendor and employ a qualified development team for bespoke software services. Enterprises that select a vendor must iron out all contract specifics. Only then can they proceed.

Once it is completed, the organization should conduct interviews with programmers from the outsourced partner. The bright idea is to build a development process rather than taking whatever the outsourced business delivers. It guarantees that you will find the best product development fit. Along with this, you will also find technical co-founders.

Estimated Costs

Among the many other factors that you need to consider at the time of hiring dedicated software developers includes its cost estimation. This is necessary to protect your business from getting under any kind of financial crunch in the long run.

You can begin by setting up a budget limit and seeing how it might suit your requirements. While the cost of hiring can vary according to different things, the most fascinating factors include experience and qualification as well as the expertise of the developers.

Also, the platform you might use can impact finding your required personnel. However, one of the significant factors among all is the region or location of the software developers.

For example, developers in Asia are likely to have the lowest rates. However, the developing companies in North America charge the highest fees.
Here is a cost comparison of IT specialists in different regions.

SpecialistsNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAsiaEastern EuropeWestern Europe
iOS Developers$80-$100$50-$80$80-$100$40-$70$75-$95
Android Developers$80-$100$50-$80$80-$100$40-$70$75-$95
Frontend Developers$70-$90$45-$70$70-$90$35-$50$60-$80
Backend Developers$75-$95$45-$75$75-$95$35-$55$70-$85
QA Engineers$50-$70$45-$70$20-$49$50-$70$45-$60
Backend Developers$50-$70$45-$70$20-$49$50-$70$45-$60

Market Reviews

With every passing day, the market size of outsourcing development services is increasing and is expected to reach $531 billion by the end of 2022. This expansion is expected to increase even more due to a global pandemic hitting worldwide.

As outsourcing provides a chance to fulfill a business’s software development need without spending much on resources, even some of the most prominent organizations are engaging with this strategy. Companies like Google, Slack, Alibaba, GitHub,Whatsapp, etc., hire a dedicated development team for several different projects.

Here are also some comparison factors defining the importance of hiring a dedicated team.

Factors Dedicated TeamShared TeamFreelancers
ReliabilityHigh AverageLow
Retention EffortHighNoneAverage
Scalability on demandHigh LowLow
ControlHigh LowLow

Final Thoughts

Each executive’s goals are accompanied by different metrics that can assist in deciding the effectiveness of their work. Because CEOs are likely to set a firm’s financial goals and plans, corporate sales are frequently the most direct method to assess their effectiveness.

They could also look at other measures, such as investor investments or operational expenses. Board members frequently evaluate business results, so if sales statistics are lower than planned but capital and cost reductions are substantial, they may believe the CEO is successfully carrying out their duties.

Although CTOs may monitor cost-cutting indicators, they can also examine development or issue resolution cycle times. For instance, IT support may have a set time window for answering employee complaints of 24 hours, and a CTO may measure how long it takes to reply.

A Glimpse At Clustox

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Frequently Asked Questions

Among the many frequently used programs, some of the well-known and most commonly used platforms include IT Firms, Clutch, GoodFirms, etc.

There are many factors that you need to remember before making your final decision, such as:

  • Experience
  • Region
  • Reviews/ Feedback
  • Work Model

Software or IT developers hired by a specific company to work on a long-term project are known as dedicated developers. Contrary to that, Freelancers are not employed by any company and can work on as many projects as they want at a time.

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