Angular Development

Top Angular Development Company Since 2012.

Clustox is the one-stop leading Angular web development company for building feature-rich and scalable applications.

Angular Development

Top Angular Development Company Since 2012.

Clustox is the one-stop leading Angular web development company for building feature-rich and scalable applications.

We are Angular Js Company

Clustox is one of those elite software development companies that has maintained the highest standards of IT services over the years. We are known to empower our valued customers with state of the art solutions that aid them in harnessing humongous profits and fame.

Angular App development

With several years of experience as a Angular development agency we can develop big and fast web apps with JavaScript.

SPA Development

Our programmers are masters of developing elaborate SPAs that perfectly match clients’ vision, goals, and requirements.

Migrate to Angular

We migrate clients’ projects to Angular using the latest practices of the digital realm without any compromise on quality.

Code Audit

Our competent in-house developers conduct exquisite forensic analysis, detecting and rectifying security breaches and anomalies.

Support Existing App

We extend premium assistance to the clients, assisting them in maintaining and rebuilding their already existing apps.

Upgrade Angular

We help our clients in keeping their angular apps up-to-date via latest upgrades. These aid in introducing new features, libraries, and bug fixes.

Why People use Angular

AngularJS is a popular open-source framework that offers solutions to many challenging problems encountered during development. The dynamic structure provides a bulk of need-oriented benefits to the developers as well as the users.

SEO Friendly

AngularJS provides the unchallenging capability of building and maintaining robust PWAs and SPAs. It allows them to have the least loading time, eliminating delays and scrolling issues.

Enterprise web apps

The framework equips businesses and corporation with robust enterprise web applications . These apps make the managing and recording of company operations seamless.

Supports Dynamic Content

The use of AngularJS adorns web pages with enhanced user-experience and relevancy. By increasing the dynamicity of content, it also accelerates web traffic.

Time Saving

AngularJS is derived from HTML code, making developers program applications quickly. Chunks of code can be also reused that helps.


The feature-packed framework is open-source with numerous free libraries. The developers reap full-fledged benefits via its additional attributes.

Easy To Test

AngularJS has great testing compatibility, allowing both end-to-end and unit testing. The process can be carried out easily at any level of development.






Package manager





App frameworks









Package manager





App frameworks




Why Clustox Team

Clustox provides competitive yet technologically accelerated solutions to its clients that perfectly match their requirements.

Strong Tech-Expertise

Clustox hires developers that aim to blow life into clients’ vision, producing digital products that aptly match their set business goals.

Angular Contributions

Our well-versed in-house programmers having been contributing to this framework via their extensive knowledge and experience.

Partnership Attitude

we partner with our clients to assist them in devising adequate business strategies and approaches.

The Agile Pioneers

We follow agile principles during the development phase in order to ensure cost and time efficiency.

Look at our recent projects with Angular


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Engagement Models for Angular Projects


Time and Material

To start working with a Time and Material approach, we estimate and agree on the particular scope of work, not the full project. This makes us more flexible in time management and planning.

How Does Time & Material Model Work?


  User Stories/Acceptance Criteria


 Iterative Development

  Sprint Review & Testing


Fixed Price

The Fixed price cooperation model is suitable for startups. It performs best if you have clear requirements with determined deadlines and a limited budget for software development.

How Does Fixed Price Model Work?

  Requirements Discovery

 Scoping & Milestone


 Alpha Version & Refinement

  Acceptance Period



Dedicated Team

Whether you need a full project team or extra developers to supplement your in-house team for any purpose, the Dedicated team model is the right choice. You may take on all management responsibilities or we can handle everything for you.

How Does Dedicated Team Model Work?





Developing an application with Angular?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop an Angular App or Website?

The cost of development of Angular app or website varies as it depends on the development platform and the app and website categories, It also depends on the country development rates and number of features you need in your app.

what are the benefits of Angular Js over other programming languages?

AngularJS has the advantage of facilitated unit testing. It offers reusable components that help save application developing time. Moreover, the developers are able to achieve enhanced functionalities via short codes through its use.

What is the average time of development of Angular app or website?

The time needed for the development of an Angular app or website depends on various factors. These include the expertise of the developers, the types of development platform used, the complexity and features of the app or website design.

What are the benefits of outsourcing Angular App/Website Development?

The key benefits of outsourcing your angular project include lowered development and operational cost and time. Outsourcing also involves the introduction of latest technologies along with high-quality developmental services.

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