Kotlin Development

Kotlin App Development Company

With 10+ years of experience, Clustox is one of the most efficient Kotlin App Development Companies.

Kotlin Development

Kotlin App Development Company

With 10+ years of experience, Clustox is one of the most efficient Kotlin App Development Companies.

Kotlin App Development Services

Our skilled Kotlin app developers use the latest UI/UX features to deliver compatible Android applications .

Native App Development

Our specialized Kotlin developers build tailored mobile applications according to your needs.

Migration to Kotlin

Our professional team will make it possible to fulfill your objective without changing the functions.

Kotlin App Optimization

We will be responsible for adequately optimizing the code by leftover space and checking gaps.

Maintenance and Support

We offer excellent round-the-clock maintenance and support services of the Kotlin App.

Android App Development

Our priority is to deliver advanced Android apps, using the latest mechanisms of Kotlin.

Cross-Platform Development

We can help you create feature-rich, high-performing, cross-platform Android apps using Kotlin.

Benefits of Kotlin for Android Development

Kotlin turns out to be one of the most promising technologies of this ever-evolving digital era.

Kotlin is Open Source

Kotlin works as a single-click tool, even though it is an open-source language.

Full Java Interoperability

Kotlin runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and supports Java libraries, providing full Java interoperability.

Lazy Loading Feature

When using Kotlin for Android app development, it certainly increases startup time.

Data classes in Kotlin

Kotlin provides more straightforward data classes helping developers in writing the same Java code.

Collection filtering

Its collection filtering feature makes it more convenient to tell what your resulting list should contain.

Extension function

It allows developers to add methods to classes without changing their source code.

Look at our recent projects with Kotlin

PS Connect is a portable solution for the semi-integrated system as a software development key (SDK). It is basically built with the help of the intelligent development language Kotlin. Since its entry into the market, it has become the most versatile software for expense tracking by keeping a record of all the data in both time-based and distance-based payments.

Why Choose Clustox for Kotlin Development Services

We provide top-notch Kotlin app development services to serve our customers with the best services.

Highly Skilled IT Professionals

Flexible Engagement Models

Full-Cycle Quality Assurance

CAP Methodology

Engagement Models for Kotlin Projects

Take a look at our three types of hiring models designed to suit your diverse business needs:

Fixed Price

Waterfall approach

Used when the project is of less than 8 weeks

Suits new startups

Time & Material

Agile approach

Used when project is of more than 8 weeks but less than 6 months

Estimates a specific scope of work

Staff Augmentation

Kanban approach

Used when project is of more than 6 months

Hire an in-house team or extra developers

Developing an application with Kotlin?

Want to know more about Kotlin?

Is Kotlin better for Android Development than Java?

Both the programming languages turn out to be quite efficient. However, if compared to Java, Kotlin has a more comprehensive standard library. In addition, it has an excellent API, reducing excessive code, which assists the work of developers more simply. This certainly makes Kotlin an ideal choice for Android app development today.

Is Kotlin Suitable for iOS?

Due to the friendly APIs of Kotlin, it can work well for iOS platforms as well. It also comes with interoperability that lets you use your native code for the same Kotlin project of the android and iOS apps.

Can we use Kotlin for server-side development?

Yes, as Kotlin lets you write concise and expressive code, it is a great fit for server-side applications even by maintaining full compatibility with Java.

How will you support non-technical business owners with their Kotlin app development idea?

Whether you have the proper technical knowledge or belong to a non-technical background, we will make sure to enhance your app idea with maximum possibility by thoroughly analyzing your business domain and app idea and providing you with app solutions for your business.

Do you sign agreement terms like NDA and SLA before project development starts?

With an extensive experience of over 10 years, you can trust our team to follow a strict procedure for a complete development lifecycle. As a first step in building confidence, we will sign your project’s NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) along with an SLA(Service Level Agreement) to define all the services we have agreed to offer you.

What is your policy for maintenance and support after app development?

We provide round-the-clock support and maintenance service post-Kotlin app development of your project. No matter what issue you might be facing, our resources are available to accomplish all your mobile app needs. Whether it is about feature extension, app porting, continuous testing, or minor/significant enhancements, we are here for you.

What are your payment milestones for enterprise-level Kotlin app development services?

Our team offers you flexible milestones based on the size of your business as well as the complexity of your Kotlin project. Contact our team can also get more details on the payment milestones.